‘Europe Is Gone,’ World Is Heading Toward ‘Global War’: Glenn Beck’s Warning After a Week in the Middle East and Sweden

By Glenn Beck and The Blaze


Glenn Beck, who last week traveled through Europe and the Middle East, said on his eponymous radio show Monday morning that he believes Europe, “as we know it,” is “gone.”

“You have to understand, Europe is gone,” the host said. “They are headed for catastrophe and headed for terrorist strike after terrorist strike after terrorist strike. Riots in the streets.”

According to Beck, Europe is in serious trouble because “they refused to listen to the warnings.” And he believes that the U.S. is heading down the same path “if we don’t get control of our immigration and our refugee problem right now.”

He went on to say that he believes the world is heading toward “global war” and that the U.S. will not survive unless it has a “steady” president and Congress to lead the nation, adding an emphasis on the importance of remembering culture and history.

During Beck’s stop in Sweden last week, he said that he observed the country is “being erased” because they are not being taught about their culture’s heritage, tradition and history. But, instead, the Swedish culture is being overridden by Islamic tradition.

“They are being taught in their schools to raise Islam up while dismissing their own culture,” Beck said. “And maybe it takes somebody from the outside to see it. But as the sun rose up and I saw these churches and I saw these steeples and I saw the way these buildings were made. They were unbelievable.”

Beck believes the U.S. is following after Sweden, “teaching our children that there is no culture.” Beck also insisted that U.S. citizens remember their rights “come from God” and the “government can do nothing to infringe” on those rights.

“The government is not only infringing on those rights, they are denying those rights and denying the God that created those rights and then teaching our children that there is no culture,” Beck said. “There is nothing special. There is no God.There are no rights.”

According to Beck, Americans must respect their culture, history and rights, because remembering those things is what will “take us safely home again.”

“Those are the things that we have in common, and those are the things that brought us here, and those are the things that are going to take us safely home again,” Beck concluded.


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