Bolsheviks vs. Delusional Crooks – Welcome to the Democrat Debate

By Ray Starmann

Well, the Dems had another debate last night, if you can call it a debate. It was another session of Hillary telling the world how it owes her the Presidency and Sanders groveling to Madame Secretary like a drone bee waiting in line to mate.

Meanwhile O’Malley was standing there like the contestant on Wheel of Fortune, with 10 dollars total winnings and the mere hope the consolation prize will be more than a gift card.

I call it the battle of the Bolsheviks versus Delusional Crooks…

Comrade Bernie Sanders was under fire last night after “the revelation Friday that Sanders’ campaign had downloaded Clinton campaign data when the firewall separating the campaigns’ data failed at a shared Democratic data vendor.”

“Asked about the breach by moderator David Muir of ABC News, Sanders said his staff acted improperly when the Clinton data “came to us” because the vendor “screwed up.”

“The breach led the Democratic National Committee to cut off Sanders’ access to the party’s voter database Friday. The ban was lifted Saturday after the campaign provided information about how the incident occurred. Sanders’ campaign maintains that the breach was an error by some relatively low-level staff and that none of the data was used by the campaign.”

Whoa…he’s practically on the FBI’s Most Wanted List as opposed to the other candidate in the Jaclyn Smith line pants suit who is actually being investigated by the FBI.

Sanders nearly got down on his knees like Henry II, begging for forgiveness for murdering his best friend, Thomas Becket.

Hillary strut around on stage like some kind of Mother Theresa figure who was kind enough to forgive him, when she has a mile long felony and misdemeanor train herself.

Bless you my son, say three Hail Mary’s and an Our Father, donate to the Clinton Foundation and you will we be forgiven. Go in peace and take O’Malley with you, so I can get on to some old fashioned Clinton business of corruption, bribery and the occasional body trail cover up.

I love how the DNC completely ignores Hillary’s 100,000 classified emails, but goes after Sanders for this. Sanders is the only theoretical challenger to Hillary.

Can you see O’Malley as President? He doesn’t even have the guts to say ALL LIVES MATTER.

Where was Webb last night? Webb was AWOL, his “campaign” hidden in a cave in the Cascade Range.

“Covey Leader calling Raven, radio check over?” “Talk to me Jimmy.”

I’m waiting for Richard Crenna, as Colonel Sam Trautman to emerge in his Green Beret and rescue Webb from the DNC. We’re taking you back to the GOP, Webb. Get your gear. The chopper’s leaving for Bragg.

Saving Jimmy Webb…


Meanwhile back at the Debate Archipelago…

If this was a debate, it’s part of an election in some banana republic; like the days where Assad got 99 percent of the vote.

And, the winner is Hillary Clinton, and the nominees are Hillary and Hillary Clinton and Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Her motto should be “A Time to Yawn” the woman has all the charm of a dirty hub cap. Or, “Weebles wobble, but they don’t fall down.”

But, they did bicker over a few issues. Sanders said Hillary was “too much into regime change,” and “a little too aggressive” about inserting American military power overseas without considering the consequences. The word isn’t aggressive, it’s incompetent.

Hillary shot back by defending her brilliant decision to oust Colonel Gadhafi. Yeah, that’s gone really well. No one needs a strong man in the Middle East. They can run themselves. The tradition of Jeffersonian Democracy in Libya goes back for centuries.


Hillary also bashed Trump’s decision to ban Muslims, saying that’s making them even angrier at us. Just shake your head, I am.

Comrade Sanders once again reiterated his Great Leap Forward economic ideas of free college, endless free government stuff and safe spaces with Play Doh for Generation Snowflake.

O’Malley said he has his own gun control plan, which is basically the same as Sanders and Hillary’s, meaning take them all and bring down the NRA.

Listening to these three colorless boobs makes you wonder what Bill is up to these days. Like him or not, the man had some charisma. He could steal your house and convince you it was a good idea. I heard he’s shacked up in Harlem with two 19 year old waitresses who work at his all you can eat, organic restaurant, Slick Willie’s Southern Cookin’.

Is there any more reason after watching the Dem Debate to vote Republican and vote often…


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