America’s Number One National Security Threat – The Democratic Party

By Ray Starmann

The Democrats never seem to learn anything about national security. They view the world they want it to be, rather than the way it is. As ISIS murders its way across the planet, it’s more than obvious that the Democrats and President Obama are simply incapable of defending this country and furthermore, may in fact be, America’s Number One National Security Threat.

The Democratic Party A-Team:

Sanders – What would lunatic national security policy be without input from Comrade Bernie Sanders? Sanders vows to never send “our kids” into harm’s way. I hate to think guys in the SEALs or the Marines like being referred to as “our kids.” If you’re old enough to be a pop up target for Uncle Sam, Bernard, you’re not a kid. It’s such 1960’s leftist mumble jumble. Sanders needs to hop on a dog sled with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and ride off into the Siberian sunset whistling The Song of the Volga Boatmen.

Actually, the Sanders campaign theme song should be the Doctor Zhivago tune, sung by the Ray Conniff singers with different lyrics.

“Somewhere my socialist….you’ll be banning guns today…”

“The Gulag winds will blow….all over the Sanders campaign…”

“Climate change is our number one threat, the toughest foe America’s ever met…”

No, Bernie, America’s Number One threat is your party. When was the last time the Democrats could field someone who was a hawk on foreign policy? Let’s see there’s Obama, yeah right; Bill Clinton, Carter, Mondale, Ferraro, McGovern, McCarthy, LBJ?

You have to go all the way back to Jack Kennedy to find a Democrat with some hardline national security views.

The Snowflake Generation loves Bernie. He’s promised them safe spaces, free college and the destruction of freedom. What else would a wimp in college need? So much for beer, sex and football games.

Hillary – Hillary is a 60-something version of Reese Witherspoon’s zealous, ambitious character, Tracy Flick, in the movie Election. Like Flick, Hillary is delusional and dangerous. She has an overly-inflated opinion of herself and thinks she’s some kind of national security, foreign policy expert. She fails to realize just how incompetent she really is. Madam Secretary is also a walking, talking information security nightmare. Just ask the guys who maintained her server inside a closet in a Rocky Mountain commode.

As with the rest of the Democrats, Hillary believes that gun control is the best strategy to fight terrorism. Apparently, being completely defenseless is the way to fight ISIS. While they murder us with semi-automatic rifles and pipe bombs, we can all hold hands and sing, Where have all the flowers gone? Hillary has also been stricken with the political correctness cancer. She can’t say we’re at war with ISIS. She can’t say radical Islam. Even worse, she wears way too many artificial fabrics in those pants suits. She’s always reminded me of a Weeble.

Obama – The grand ring master of the Democratic Party national security circus. President Bozo looks at the ISIS threat like it’s an inconvenience taking him away from his daily routine of hoops, golf, studying Great Lakes erosion and gutting the military. To Obama, the San Bernardino shootings were Amish workplace violence. To Obama, violence could never emanate from the religion of peace. Like Hillary, like other Democrats, Obama believes dismantling the Second Amendment is the road to peace with ISIS.

Take the guns Barack; for the children…

Under Obama, the United States of America is losing to ISIS. We could destroy ISIS in a matter of months, yet we won’t because the President of the United States is a delusional weakling.

If Obama’s lack of a coherent strategy to fight ISIS wasn’t bad enough, he’s done his best to weaken the country by turning the US military into some kind of feminist fantasy land filled with PC lackeys and idiots.

Webb – James Webb in the Democratic Party is like having Chef Boyardee ravioli for breakfast. It simply makes no sense. Webb needs to pop smoke and retreat back to the Republican Party where he belongs. Okay, Jimbo, you left when you were upset about the conduct of the Iraq War, but the Democratic Party, sir? Really? It would have made more sense if you would have joined the Quebec National Front.

Kerry – The Skull and Bones poster boy sits quietly on the sidelines while Hillary’s FBI investigation and 985 felonies and misdemeanors are swept under a very large rug. No doubt, Kerry would love to be put on the ticket at the last moment if Hillary is indicted, but the chances of that are about the same as the Bears going to the Super Bowl this year. Kerry is another apologist, who believes speaking softly and carrying a twig is the way to beat ISIS.

In the end, the Democrats are simply incapable of fighting a war with ISIS and winning. If a Democratic Party presidential candidate wins in the 2016 election, the national security of the country will continue to be in jeopardy.

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  1. “The Snowflake Generation” is such a misnomer. Granted they are fragile and can endure no trauma. But snowflakes are a beautiful, natural creation and pleasing to look at. A better name would be “The Pussy Generation”–weak, lame and of no benefit to anyone.

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