America’s New Day of Infamy

By Ray Starmann

Seventy-four years ago, naval air forces of Japan attacked the US Navy at Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. The Japanese attack was swift and deadly and their armed forces surprised the world with their ferocity and professionalism.

The following day, President Roosevelt addressed Congress and after referring to December 7, 1941, as “a day which will live in infamy,” asked for a declaration of war against the Empire of Japan.

Last week, December 3, 2015, was America’s New Day of Infamy.

In the wake of the San Bernardino terrorist attacks, actually in less than 24 hours, President Obama rolled out Ash Carter 250 feet under radar coverage and announced that women will now be authorized to serve in the combat arms and special operations units without exception.

Carter’s announcement can be viewed here:

For those who are not familiar with the terms combat arms and special operations, these are the guys who fight our nation’s wars. Combat arms are the infantry, armor, cavalry and artillery. Special Operations Forces are the Rangers, the Green Berets, Delta Force, the Marine Raiders, Marine Recon and the Navy SEALS.

These are jobs that require incredible stamina, physical fitness and testosterone-laced aggressiveness.

The job of the combat arms soldier or Marine has not really changed in 2,000 years. It is to close with and kill the enemy; whether that means killing him with a tank SABOT round, shooting him with a machine gun, slitting his throat or sticking a bayonet in his guts.

Carter’s decision, which is really the White House’s decision, is based completely on politics and pandering to radical feminists. It has no basis in fact, and sadly there has been no consideration of how it will affect our national security.

Carter’s decision has just authorized the US military to commit suicide. The Pentagon is now on a kamikaze run into oblivion.

Here is the official announcement by the Army concerning the authorization to allow women to serve in the combat arms:

Full Integration of Women in the Army

Gender-neutral combat? Readiness?

The amount of Kool Aid consumed by generals these days could kill an elephant.

It’s all Pentagon, Orwellian, double speak; it’s all a double standard, it’s all total, unmitigated horse dung and hay.

No one is saying that women shouldn’t serve in a myriad of jobs they can do successfully in the military. No one is saying women shouldn’t be put in dangerous situations with the military, such as conducting espionage. No one is saying women shouldn’t be promoted like their male peers. The argument is against women serving in the combat arms and special operations units.

The combat arms and special operations require a tremendous amount of upper body strength to complete their missions. Women, on average, have 40% less upper body strength than men do. For years, the US Navy has been graduating women from basic training who can’t carry a fire hose up a flight of stairs and put out a fire. In fact, some statistics show that over 90% of women who go through Navy Basic Training can’t pass the fire hose test. We now have a Navy stocked with women on ships who are helpless if the ship is on fire.

The combat arms and special operations require a tremendous amount of stamina to run long distances carrying weight on one’s back between 60 – 120 pounds and sometimes more. The average 25 year old woman has the aerobic lung capacity of a 50 year old man.

Of course there are some women with awesome upper body strength and some women who can run rings around men their age. But, these women are not the norm.

Women also lack the testosterone that produces the intense aggressiveness that is needed to fight in combat and survive.

There have been countless studies done by just about every country in the world over the last forty years that indicate exactly what I just described. Most recently, the US Marine Corps spent 36 million dollars on a study that concluded what everyone already knew; all male units performed better in simulated combat conditions than coed units or all female units. This year, all 26 female officers failed to complete the Marine Corps Infantry Officers Course.

This study and the results from the Marine IOC were completely ignored by Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus and Secretary of Defense Ash Carter. Want to know why General Joe Dunford wasn’t standing next to Carter last week…because General Joe knows the truth. General Joe Dunford will obviously not condone seeing the Marine Corps and the US military flushed down the toilet by a bunch of candyasses in our government.

The military won’t use its own data. The Army claims it’s not hiding anything, but won’t send Congress the Ranger School records of the female graduates. All common sense has been thrown out the window.

It’s amazing how facts and reality are simply being ignored. The Israelis tried having women in combat back during the Six Day War in 1967. They found that units were ineffective because men were spending more time trying to protect women instead of engaging the enemy. The Israelis are realists. Women were taken out of the combat arms and turned into instructors in the IDF. There are a few units in the IDF now that are either completely all female or heavily female. But, they are security or intelligence oriented, which makes sense.

If women are physically equal to men, why aren’t they in the NFL, or the NBA? Why isn’t a woman teeing off with Jordan Spieth?

Of course this lunacy will not transcend into professional sports because there is too much money on the line. No one is going to pay to watch a female or coed NFL. End of that argument.

But, the military is easy to manipulate. The military has no profit margin. It just has a national security margin.

Then there are hygiene issues. During combat operations, combat troops can go weeks or months without showering. In Desert Storm, we went 50 days without a shower in the 7th Cavalry. In WWII, the troops who landed in Normandy went 50, 60, 70 days without any showers. How are females in combat units going to deal with that? Has Ash Carter mulled that one? How is the military going to accommodate women in the field? Are they going to have shower trucks following the troops into battle?

Feminists love to bash male bonding, the “Band of Brothers” mentality that embeds itself into combat arms troopers. Feminists believe that men and women will bond like men in combat. They’ll be bonding alright, but not like Dick Winters and Lewis Nixon and Ronald Speirs. Anyone who has served in a coed military unit knows this is true. Men and women serving together simply creates a different atmosphere.

Band of Brothers has now become Operation Petticoat.

How many people do you talk to that you worked with at a civilian job 30 years ago? Men that served in combat arms units in wars, still communicate even fifty years later. The bond is that strong. It cannot be replicated by social engineering or a pen stroke. To attempt to do so with coed units is beyond laughable.

I love hearing the arguments for women in combat.

It’s 2015; women are different now.


Or, most officers support this now. Get on board USDW.

Sure they do, they’ve all been so brainwashed by a feminist oriented society how else would they think.

If the Pentagon is really determined to do this, the only realistic option is to actually adhere to standards, which pretty much disqualifies 99.99 percent of the women in this world from making it in special ops and about 94.99 percent from the combat arms. Women, who do make it, must adapt to a male culture, not a male culture becoming some kind of Gloria Steinem fantasy land.

The all-male macho culture of the military has had to adapt to a radical feminist culture, complete with pregnancy simulators, lactation stations, pink curtained cat holes and sensitivity training: the sinews of war for the US military in 2015.

Or, we could just go with all female units.

But, it won’t happen like that. The military will do the stupidest thing possible and create coed units everywhere. Apparently, the military will have to stock combat units with anywhere from 20 – 30 percent women.

So what happens in a war? It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure it out. We lose, they win.

We will have infantry units without the aggressiveness needed to accomplish their missions. We will have units collapse because the enemy will overrun and destroy us. American women fighting enemy male soldiers in hand to hand combat will be killed in droves.

We will have endless situations where men are constantly trying to protect women, a natural reaction the social engineers can’t seem to change. We will be a military that simply cannot fight and win. We will be facing an enemy which is not coed, which is not PC, an enemy that must be laughing right now.

We lose, they win.

Only a nation at the end of its ropes morally, physically and spiritually authorizes throwing women into the horrific conditions one experiences while serving in the combat arms or special ops in a war.

Only a society with a population that has no interest or grasp of the military anymore would stand by on the sidelines and watch this happen.

The women of America must now know that this decision will force them to have to register for the draft. Your sister, your mother, your wife and girlfriend are now all eligible to potentially get drafted and get their head blown off in war because feminist nuts think this is equal opportunity.

This won’t be a hollow military. This is going to be a doomed military. We are dooming ourselves to death and destruction and ruin and national disgrace on the battlefield.

We lose, they win.

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5 comments on “America’s New Day of Infamy
  1. Women need to stay out of the military and get back to being real women again, this feminist sh*t is for the birds!! Feminism has always been a lie to get women out of the home and into the tax base, out of the home and away from raising the children, Look how great the lie has worked!!! Real women know better!! Women are different from men and no you can’t do everything a man can do……….because you are different than men! That’s the beauty of being a real woman. Why would a woman want to be a sol-die-r?
    I don’t even understand why men want to be sol-die-rs for the corporation and now women want this??
    Why does anyone want to be a sol-die-r for the corporation when their goal is your death??
    You want national security…….then arm everyone, because national security is everyone’s problem…….like Switzerland.
    Here in the corporation of america the armed forces are just a money making machine, and they make lots of money off of your soul-die-ing!!

  2. Yes, but fantasy can only be bested by reality.
    Get real. We live in a nation of people who are so detached from reality that they believe women should have the right to vote.

    Oh, never mind. Why bother to say anything? It’s way too late.

  3. When I was younger I did a lot of hiking and peak bagging, and there were women in our group who were brave and strong, but the best climbers and strongest hikers were always the men. I have done a fair amount of SCUBA diving, a few parachute jumps, zip lining, bungee jumping, and parasailing and there are only a small proportion of women compared to men doing these things.
    Now I am 72 years old with aches, pains, and a bad heart, and I am naturally skinny, with little potential for muscular development even when I was young. But at my health club I have never once witnessed any woman, even those in their twenties, who could lift as much as I in any exercise. And, needless to say, the strongest young men in the club are up to twice as strong as I.

  4. America is committing suicide in a number of fashions, this is just one of them. They are all interrelated though, inseparable from Progressivism as a whole.

    Imagine if after Pearl Harbour and with the mobilisation of US forces during WW2, George Marshall had announced that women were to be integrated into all branches of US combat, Army, Marines and Navy. Imagine women storming Utah Beach, Normandy and Iowa Jima and Guadalcanal. Imagine women fighting in the conditions during the Battle of the Bulge! I can go on and on. Nazi Germany would still be ruling the roost in Western Europe (if it wasn’t eventually to be overrun by the USSR) and the island hopping campaign in the Pacific would have been a failure from the get-go. Hitler would have laughed, Churchill would have shuddered, Eisenhower would have quit. Hitler’s successors, the Muslim radicals are laughing now. They must be delighted. Their morale has gotten a very big boost.

    You leave out the elephant in the room btw, the problem of POWs and why that is even far far worse for women. Rape of course becomes a much greater risk at the hands of their guards and overseers, in fact it becomes inevitable.

    As a consequence of a new nadir in PC insanity (but it will continue to get worse and worse) all young men considering joining up in the US armed forces or having a career there in a combat capacity should not so much consider another career, as they should quite simply walk away without a second thought, and do something else job-wise. Anything else job-wise. The US Armed Forces must now be seen by all American families who care for their young sons and brothers and fathers as verboten. Any joining up is literally a deadly compromise with suicidal Leftism. This is the only way a change in policy can happen, if young American men walk away in droves from the US military in protest. I know it’s not going to happen, the brainwashing runs too deep and is pervasive. I’m just saying…

    All this madness follows in the same progressive loony Left vein as the Fort Hood ‘workplace violence’ incident, made inevitable by PC moral relativism. However the consequences of the Berkelyisation of the US military will be a thousand fold worse. In fact the damage is incalculable as you write.

  5. As a retired Marine combat arms officer I fought this battle over 20 years ago while serving a tour of penance at Marine Headquarters. In the interest of conducting proper research we spoke to people in the know from the IDF, and from other national services. Our former Commandant, the Late General Barrow, made an impassioned plea before congress. Fortunately reason prevailed and lunacy was forestalled. We breathed a sigh of relief. Yes, especially the high-caliber female officers in our section that knew women were being used for pawns by the political left. Although temporarily victorious, I sensed we were fighting what we refer to on the battlefield as a “delaying action”. Well, that time has come and the enemy has turned our flank. The only question that remains is… who is going to take the Obama girls down to the post office to register for the draft, Michelle or the Secret Service?

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