Where oh where have the Muslim migrants gone?

By Morris Schaffer


Chaos continues to unfold in Germany as tens of thousands of undocumented Muslim migrants have reportedly disappeared from a myriad of holding centers and refugee shelters across the country.

The German newspaper, Die Welt is reporting that 7,000 migrants have disappeared from migrant shelters just from the northeastern province of Brandenburg alone. That’s nearly one half of the migrants who have arrived in Brandenburg.

Furthermore, the German news outlet Faz.net reported, “From Lower Saxony shelters some 700 refugees have disappeared – many are not registered.” Apparently, hundreds of migrants disappear every day and nearly all of them are completely undocumented. A large portion of Germany’s missing refugees also have not applied for asylum. The local authorities point out that they have no authority to hold people.

How can the Germans say they have no authority to hold people? These people have arrived in their country, most without any documentation and from areas of the world that breed terrorism and violence.

Local politician Angelika Jahns criticized the current situation in Germany. “We need to know who is staying in Lower Saxony,” she told Die Welt. She said the refugees should be registered as soon as they arrive in Lower Saxony, but they are not forced to do so by the German national government.

How can the Germans not force people to register? They are bringing in 10,000 people a day, most of them young men from the Middle East who are prone to violence and they say they can’t make them register. Have the German authorities completely lost their minds?

Authorities said they believed the missing persons to be heading on their own to stay with family or friends already in Germany or in other countries throughout Europe.

But, that might be hard to believe. How many of the migrants from the Middle East would have families in Germany? The number has to be very small. So, where are these people going? Where are they hiding? The fact that 75% of the migrants are men between the ages of 18 and 21 and that these men are just disappearing off the radar screen in the middle of Central Europe is extremely alarming.

Who is sheltering these people that are on the run? How do they know where to go? Who told them where to go once they ditch the refugee centers? Remember we are talking about Middle Eastern men running around German villages and towns, men who do not speak German, nor understand European culture and mannerisms.

Are these people making contact with ISIS sleeper cells or cells from other radical Islamic terrorist groups?

Paul McGuire, an analyst who has appeared on Fox News and the History Channel says the heavy influx of Muslim migrants almost assures there will be another terrorist attack at least as big as what happened in Paris earlier this year at the Charlie Hebdo newspaper office.

There is no doubt that there will be another major terrorist event in Europe and most likely it will occur in Germany, because the Germans are becoming very careless. The German government from Merkel on down is in some kind of a trance. Do they believe that by letting some of the most violent people on the planet into their country, that they are being kind? Germany may become a bigger breeding ground for terrorism than Afghanistan.

Meanwhile, there are thousands of undocumented Muslim migrants somewhere in Germany and what their motivations are is completely unknown to the German government.

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