We were just following orders – The Joint Chiefs and the War with ISIS

By Ray Starmann


Across the world, the War with ISIS is exploding; in Paris, Brussels, in the Middle East and at the US/Mexican border. ISIS continues to attack, attack, attack, following George Patton’s motto of “l’audace, l’audace, toujours l’audace (audacity, audacity, always audacity).

While the world seems to be continually shocked by one ISIS atrocity after another, in the White House, one thing is crystal clear, President Obama has chosen to fight rising seas and disappearing glaciers before taking the fight to the marauding maniacal murderers of ISIS.

While the President has been pelted for two weeks for having no strategy to fight ISIS, no one in the press has mentioned the architects of the war against ISIS, the Joint Chiefs of Staff.

Oh, those guys…

Those guys…

Where have they been this whole time? The majority of the air campaign against ISIS was being conducted while former Chairman of the Joint Chiefs, General Martin Dempsey was at the helm of the US Military Titanic. Dempsey certainly knew that flying 10 missions a day against ISIS, 75% of which were turned around, would have no effect on the caliphate.

A pack of Cub Scouts could figure that one out, no matter how many times Admiral Kirby was wheeled out with his organ grinder and carnival shell game. Where was the Chief of Staff of the US Air Force, General Mark Welsh this whole time? Certainly he knew that the air war against ISIS was no war at all.

Where were the Joint Chiefs when Obama pulled out of Iraq, opening up a Pandora’s Box into hell? Where were the Joint Chiefs when ISIS made strategic gain after strategic gain in Iraq and Syria and seized more cities and more land?

Where were the Joint Chiefs when doctored intelligence from CENTCOM was flowing into the White House faster than a Rocky Mountain river?

And, where are the Joint Chiefs now as the President willingly dodges any kind of strategy or war against the most evil threat to peace since the Nazis?

After hitting an iceberg and abandoning ship, Dempsey is currently floating down the Potomac in a raft, escaping the carnage and holding a Samsonite full of retirement benefits and the key to his new office at some Beltway defense contractor. Thank you for your service, general.

General Joe Dunford, Dempsey’s replacement and the last great hope for sanity and strategy to prevail is as quiet as a church mouse. Where has Dunford been the whole time the ISIS surge has been taking place?

The truth of the matter is neither Dunford nor Dempsey or any of the Joint Chiefs have the guts to speak up for themselves or for the nation they defend. The old Prussian Army motto, “befehl ist befehl,” “an order is an order” seems to be the Joint Chiefs’ rallying cry.

Of course the Nazis on trial for crimes against humanity at Nuremberg used the same excuse, “befehl ist befehl.” Have we stepped down to their level now? Is every foolish order from the commander-in-chief to be obeyed without question? Is every idiot policy to be carried out without question?


Has anyone heard or read of anyone from the Joint Chiefs speaking up about President Obama’s ISIS strategy?

The sad truth is that no one has the courage to call out Obama or the White House on their cowardly approach to fighting ISIS. The Joint Chiefs have seen what has happened to anyone in the military who voices opposition to either the current strategy to wage war or any of the Gloria Steinem social policies being shoved down the military’s throat.

Anyone speaking out against the Cultural Revolution engulfing the military is sent packing.

Take the case of Major-General Michael Keltz, a decorated aviator, who was canned for telling a junior officer at a hearing that he was “drunker than 10,000 Indians.” Keltz’s sole crime was making that comment. Do you think someone is actually going to argue with Obama about serious policy? They would be out of the military before they even walked out of the Oval.

Apparently, we have become some kind of corrupt banana republic where if anyone questions El Presidente or appears to have an ounce of warrior spirit, their career is taken out to a cobble-stoned courtyard, tied to a stake and shot.

The list of generals fired or forced to resign under President Obama is unprecedented in US history. The word is out on the street, play ball or say goodbye.

For God’s sake even the German generals argued with Hitler to the very last day in the bunker. Yet, no one has the intestinal fortitude to argue with Obama.

I can hear the arguments already coming my way. How do you know no one voices their opposition to Obama’s strategy? If they did they would be fired and Wolf Blitzer would have told you on CNN. Then, there’s the old lifer argument; what can they say? The military is subordinate to civilian authority. Just keep your head down and clock out.

Subordinate to civilian authority it certainly is, but that doesn’t excuse the highest ranking military personnel in the country to abandon their oaths for the fear of losing another promotion or a really cool parking space at the commissary for their wives.

No one says anything. The Joint Chiefs have become nothing more than dime store dummies in uniforms.

If one general speaks his mind, he’s nothing more than a target in the open. But, what if several of them called a press conference and said something? During the press conference they could say they disagree with the President’s policies and they could resign.

Instead they all wait until they’re officially out of the service. The next day they’re wearing a new PX bought suit and espousing their great military knowledge to the world on Fox or CNN. Suddenly, they’re all the biggest critics of everything the White House is doing or not doing.

Now that they can’t be useful, they’re all General Johnny on the Spot to solve the world’s problems.

In past history, the country has always had the luck of having men and women of extraordinary character rise from the shadows and take the helm during times of trouble.

We need generals who won’t sacrifice the truth for their retirement benefits.

What we need now are moral heroes, not moral cowards.

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  1. My son is a captain in the USArmy, graduate of West Point, and I am irate, how complacency and avoidance RULE here. I’ve seen some cowardice in the Vietnam War, but these squeamish, uninvolved, indifferent dodo birds who hide behind, “Just following orders” bring me to nausea.

  2. Put on your red high heels and cheer on the 37 YO mother of three who completed Ranger school. Previously we had commanders like Patton who stood in full dress uniform in front of a giant flag. Now there is the possibility Catlin Jenner could step out in a dress. Every flag officer should be under scrutiny. Are they the best leader or are they a quota. We now have racial, gender, sex, and other quotas to fill. The military died under the Dempsey watch.

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