Wanted: An American Churchill

By Ray Starmann


ISIS is on a rampage of terror across the globe. They currently control an area the size of Indiana in the Middle East. In Europe, they have sleeper cells across the continent, ready to be activated with just a text message. The maestros of wickedness are here in the US and are attempting to infiltrate more people across our borders. Yesterday, eight Syrians were picked up by the Border Patrol in Laredo, Texas. In Washington, DC, a BOLO (Be on the Lookout) report has been issued for four Middle Eastern bearded men who were scoping out the Pentagon.

Meanwhile, President Obama is doing everything he can to roll out the Welcome Wagon for 100,000 Syrian refugees that you simply cannot vet, no matter what the federal government says.

The free world is in peril. We are at war. ISIS knows it. The Parisians know it. Time Magazine knows it too. The recent headline on their current issue is titled, “World War ISIS.”

The free world is waiting for the US to lead. Unfortunately, the leader of the free world is out to lunch.

President Obama is asleep at the wheel and simply doesn’t want to face the facts about ISIS. He’s also sympathetic to Islam. The nation is in jeopardy and we have no one at the helm.

Even if Obama had the will and the intestinal fortitude to hit ISIS, the US military is so weakened by budget cuts, equipment shortages and political correctness that we would be fighting ISIS with one arm in a sling.

We need a strong leader, a decisive, tough, no-nonsense, common sense President; someone who can rally the country behind them and lead us to victory. What America needs is another Churchill.

Which one of the Presidential candidates could be America’s Winston Churchill? Could any of them even come close?

Here is a list; starting with the WORST possible choice as the American Churchill, to the BEST:

Comrade Bernie Sanders – The poor man’s Doctor Zhivago, Sanders went to Moscow for his honeymoon in the 1960’s. That ought to be enough to make him the worst possible choice as the American Churchill. Who knew that bad food, KGB repression and freezing temperatures could be an aphrodisiac? Sanders strategy to fight ISIS is even worse than Obama’s, if that’s even possible. When asked about ISIS, Sanders mutters unintelligible platitudes about forming a global coalition and not being racist; cautions against sending our kids overseas and rattles on about GOP Islamophobia. N.B. Anyone who calls the troops “our kids” is probably a leftist.

Hillary – Her campaign motto is “Vote for Me, Because I Deserve It!” The probable Democratic Party nominee for President is currently being investigated by the FBI for multiple national security violations, while serving as Secretary of State. I have no doubt that Hillary will skate by any kind of indictment, with a triple axel jump of more obstruction and lies.

She has the passion of a 25 pound bag of cement and a robotic delivery that makes me wonder if she’s really just a hologram being broadcast from a hangar in the Nevada desert. A chameleon by nature, she will say anything to get elected…because she deserves it! Today, Hillary was talking tough about ISIS, saying we needed to destroy them, not defeat them. Undoubtedly, she’s been reading US Defense Watch.

But, her Thatcher-esque speech was cut short by a turn back to the dark side of Democratic Party appeasement and political correctness. She stated that Islam isn’t our enemy. Radical Islam isn’t the problem. This isn’t a clash of civilizations. She has to understand that these attacks are done in the name of Islam. The suicide bombers aren’t yelling, “I like Ike” when they blow themselves to the gates of hell.

Graham, Kasich and Huckabee – The Three Stooges simply have no chance to win and will most likely drop out of the race within weeks. But, they are good men, who would serve as excellent leaders if called upon to do so.

Rand Paul – A champion of libertarian ideals, like his father, Rand is just too much of an isolationist to successfully lead the free world’s fight against ISIS.

Jeb – A cross between Norman Bates’ mother and my 4th grade teacher, Mrs. Buescher, Jeb doesn’t seem to possess the killer instinct to be the American Churchill. Jeb, like Mitt, is a little too nice, a little too PC, a little too naïve, to blow ISIS off the face of the earth. He reminds me of the guy you make small talk with, while in the buffet line at the country club. “Hey, Jeb, you up for some Round Robin tennis?” “Absolutely, just need to get my racquet out of the Volvo.” Still, he remains in the race and will be there for a while because mummy and daddy and his backers have put up a lot of cash to keep him there.

Ben Carson – Zzzzzzzzz. There is no doubt that Ben Carson is a phenomenal doctor and a very intelligent man. But, he lacks two things needed to become the American Churchill. He doesn’t possess a deep knowledge of world affairs and has no experience at all in that arena. He’s also a little too mellow. Maybe still waters run deep in Carson’s case, but should America take the chance in this dangerous hour?

Rubio – Marco Rubio has a lot of experience and is certainly a smart guy. But, he appears immature at times. In World War II his brains and drive would have gotten him stars. But, once the war was over he would have been demoted back to major. Rubio could be the American Churchill, but not for a few more years.

Christie – With a body built by Tony Soprano and the mind of Michael Corleone, Chris Christie would be a decent American Churchill. He’s a former federal prosecutor and would certainly be a competent leader of the free world. Christie has just one problem. He can’t win.

Carly – Carly Fiorina is a tough, smart woman who possesses the can do attitude and I believe, a certain amount of ruthlessness to be the American Churchill. Her only flaws are a lack of a sense of humor. She needs to watch some old JFK press conferences and crack a smile. She’s also wired tighter than an ISIS suicide belt. Even Churchill would unwind with a cigar and a brandy. Nevertheless, I think Fiorina would be a pretty good president.

Cruz – “Count Chocula” Cruz is the runner up as the American Churchill. Cruz is only a year older than Rubio, but he appears to be much more mature and worldly. Cruz is a brilliant man who is also a great speaker. His knowledge of foreign affairs is extensive. He is the runner up only because his extremely conservative views may alienate him from voters in certain parts of the country. Cruz’s strategy to fight ISIS is simple. We win. They lose.

Trump – Donald Trump is the GOP candidate who can win the presidency and become the American Churchill. He has the dynamic personality and the leadership abilities to rally the free world against ISIS. Trump is the man on the outside looking in. He isn’t bound by lobbyist donations or a closed minded Washington Beltway mindset. His ideas are fresh and this is what America needs. Unlike Churchill, Trump has no military or government background, so he would need advisers who were not only knowledgeable, but who weren’t lackeys. When asked what his strategy is to fight ISIS, Trump has responded, “I would bomb the hell out of them.”

We are in a clash of civilizations. We are in a fight for survival against evil, murdering zealots who wish to bring everyone back to the Stone Age. If the free world wishes to survive, it must destroy Islamic terrorism. To do that, America needs a Churchill.

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6 comments on “Wanted: An American Churchill
  1. TRUMP??? Are you kidding me? Cruz *or Count Chocula* that you call him..is MILES above Trump in EVERY aspect! His intelligence, knowledge of the law and experience TRUMP Trump all day long. He is the next Reagan. Even better. God speed Sen Cruz..cruzin’ all the way to the WHITE HOUSE!!!!! CRUZ 2016~~~~~

  2. Anyone thinking that these ‘Presidential hopefuls’ will or can “save” America is delusional, Trump is an actor and playing his part well by tickling the ears of “red-blooded americans” and leading them to Killary Clinton when he drops out. The rest are just fodder to give you the illusion that you have a choice! The dictator-in-chief will surely shut down the election before it gets here and install Martial Law to keep us safe from I$I$ ( Israeli Secret Intelligence Service ).
    When Red-blooded Americans stop voting for the same Blue-bloods *ssholes that are all from the same family, then real americans might have a shot. But that will never happen because they have everyone convinced that the Blue-bloods have all the answers! Why can’t people see that for their whole lives this system has not worked? I’m 52 years old and these Republicans and democrats have been in power my whole life and that is why we have today what we have. If you think voting is not rigged then you’ve been watching too much Tel-lie-vision. WAKE UP AMERICA YOUR DOOM IS AT THE DOOR!!

  3. the only two that a speaking the truth and they are Ted Cruz and Donald Trump… and Trump is the one I would pick first, I feel he ‘would and could’ get things done…. like Churchill who tried to warn the British people about Hitler and the Nazi’s…. Trump and Cruz are doing the same…. the Question I would put forth would be…. “are we listening”.

  4. Kudos Mr Starmann, where have you been all my life? You nailed it with each and every synopsis. America needs more who say it the way we the public feel it. Keep it coming !! Hope DT hires you for Speechwtiter in Chief.
    Fan in Florida

  5. Delusional people still thinking politics or politicians will “save the day” when they are the ones ruining it!! These politicians only do what the bankers and corporations tell them!!
    Republicans and Democrats are two wings of the same bird!! No matter who you vote for you still get the same bird!!

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