The Veteran’s Perspective – Election Day Snub

By Elmer Ellsworth

Today is Election Day – to many it is just another day. But to Veterans it is a very important and somber day. Many men and women have died to allow us to have the chance to vote. Unfortunately, our topic today illustrates why too many fail to recognize these facts.

A Partisan President? Today when I opened my Facebook I was bombarded with “News” and comments from an almost hysterically gleeful group of friends who were elated because President Obama decided to ridicule the Republican Presidential candidates. After all, he was so witty – and he just confirmed for them that they are right and everybody else is either stupid or uninformed. Never mind the fact that even liberal commentators acknowledged that “bias” presented itself as a concern in the latest Republican debates. Regardless, many people do not seem to mind that we have a highly partisan President. Others even applaud when a President decides to get down in the gutter with the political hacks who ridicule, chastise and demonize the other party. But, the Veterans’ Perspective views this as a clear indication of how deeply the cancer of partisan politics has infected our Nation.

POTUS Represents ALL Americans – It’s one thing for a commentator or even a Senator or Congressman to make such statements, but it is quite a different thing for a President to do so. The President of the United States represents ALL Americans. Our Nation stands for the fact that pluralism and diversity is a great asset – something that it is welcomed and needed. In his Commander in Chief role, the President in fact COMMANDS all those who wear our uniform. Those who decide to serve our Nation do so expecting that their Commander in Chief rise above the fray of partisan politics. After all, they don’t get to resign when a new President is elected nor do they get to choose their Commander in Chief.

No Double Standard – Yes, we would be saying the same thing if it was a Republican President. One only needs to follow the golden rule we learned in Kindergarten – put yourself in somebody else’s shoes. To a supporter of one of those candidates and/or a firm believer in any of the philosophies and principals embodied by the other party’s views, the President’s comments are at best unnecessary and cynical and worst offensive and insulting. While those in uniform are not permitted to engage in politics, they are not prohibited from having views on such matters. From a Veterans’ Perspective, one is less likely to stand behind and support a President, let alone risk one’s life, after being insulted by the Commander in Chief.

Mutual Respect & Civics 101 – There was a time when Presidents would not involve themselves directly in the “mud” of partisan politics. From a Veterans’ Perspective our Nation is better served when the President does more to represent all Americans than he or she does to politic for his own political party. After all, you never know when the Commander in Chief may actually have to ask for the support of our military to do things that few people want to do and go places that most would rather not go.

Go Vote. Period. – Simply put, the Veterans’ Perspective thinks everybody should go vote – and we truly believe it when we say we don’t care who you vote for, just vote. We feel that Americans should know, or at least believe, that the President feels the same way. After all, there are things more important than the success of one candidate or one party.

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