The Obama Zone

By Ray Starmann

You’re traveling through another dimension — a dimension not only of narcissism and meekness, but of arrogance; a journey into a ludicrous land whose boundaries are that of the Oval Office. That’s a signpost up ahead: your next stop: The Obama Zone!

Picture the late Rod Sterling standing in the corner of the Le Bourget Site conference room in Paris, dressed in his typical navy suit and holding a smoldering, unfiltered Marlboro…

“Enter one President Barack Obama, the great community organizer, the mysterious man from Hawaii; a figure so egotistical, so lacking in traditional American values, so convinced of his own intellectual invisibility that he is fundamentally out of his mind.”

“You’ve just passed through security at the Paris climate summit and entered…The Obama Zone.”

Instead of rallying the world against ISIS today, Obama galvanized the world against melting glaciers in the Upper Andes.

At the COP 21 conference, leaders of 150 nations, along with 40,000 delegates from 195 countries, are attending the annual forum to try to tackle climate change on a global political level.

The leaders have one mission: agree on legally binding reductions in greenhouse gas emissions meant to hold global average temperatures short of a 2 degrees Celsius increase over pre-industrial global temperatures.

Obama has suddenly become the Energizer Bunny, super-charged for something that doesn’t bore him like radical Islam and international terrorism.

Today, the President called combating climate change, a rejection of terror. How’s that exactly? Obama is booked in a suite at the George V and is dining tonight with Jacques Hollande at some three-star Michelin rated Parisian restaurant. That’s a rejection of terror? It sounds more like a rejection of Motel 6 and McDonald’s to me.

El Presidente also referred to the summit as a turning point, a moment that the world decided to save our planet. He reiterated firmly that the US embraces the responsibility to do something about it.

Obama talked about the stakes never being higher. He actually sounded and acted like the President of the United States today, not the manager of the Bend, Oregon, grocery co-op.

Meanwhile, the leaders of the world’s nations had to be scratching their heads in awe. If only they could get, if only anyone could get Obama’s attention for five minutes when it concerns ISIS. Imagine if you could have read some minds today in Paris while Obama was speaking. Putin: “I’m going to kick Obama’s butt in air hockey tonight.” Merkel: “Barry will help me. I want a mosque in every German village in five years.” Hollande: “I was looking for a cork screw when I found a prayer mat in Obama’s luggage.” Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe: “I can’t believe we lost to these guys.” Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “Hey, Barack are you in there man? McFly! Wake up McFly!”

While the climate summit is a perfect escape for Obama for 48 hours, the world is still wondering what the President of the United States’ strategy is to destroy ISIS.

To quote that immortal sage of knowledge, Howard K. Turkstra, from Stripes, “Uh, there wasn’t one?”

Obama should be rallying the world to battle and destroy ISIS, instead of discussing solar panel utilization in the Amazon delta. Every bit of leadership he exhibited today should have been focused on World War ISIS, not World War Ozone. Everything he said today about the world’s responsibility to do something, about the stakes never being higher, should have been about ISIS, not about rainfall measurements in Burundi.

But, you can’t tell Obama anything. He’s like an un-tethered balloon drifting steadily over the horizon.

The climate summit will go on and so will ISIS’ acts of terror and ISIS’ gains in the Middle East. Until the President of the United States leads, ISIS will gain victory after victory across the world.

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