Tell that to the Marines!

By Ray Starmann

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus doesn’t want to hear the truth. He doesn’t want to know the facts.

Mabus is deliberately ignoring the Marines’ 900 page study, which describes in detail how women are poorly suited for combat.

Conducted over nine months, the Marine Corps’ study involved about 400 Marines, including approximately 100 women. Men and women were assigned to infantry and other ground combat roles as part of the research. They began the experiment in North Carolina and then moved to California, undertaking intensive training in the desert and mountains.

Marine officials concluded that women were injured more often than men, fired their weapons with less accuracy and experienced greater difficulty when tasked with evacuating simulated casualties.

Mabus’ political intransience has garnered the attention of Senator John McCain and Congressman Duncan Hunter, a former Marine and combat vet of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sen. John McCain, told the Washington Examiner that if Mabus was dissatisfied with the Marine Corps’ study then he should have halted it months ago. “Why would you have a study if you’re going to disregard the results of it?”


Mabus’ opinion of the Marine Corps’ findings drew sharp criticism from Rep. Duncan Hunter, R-Calif., who called the secretary “a political hack who cares more about doing the White House’s bidding than the combat effectiveness of the Marine Corps.”

Hunter has also called for Mabus’ resignation. In reference to Mabus, Hunter wrote to Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, “He has openly disrespected the Marine Corps as an institution, and he insulted the competency of Marines by disregarding their professional judgment, their combat experience and their quality of leadership. Such a significant loss of respect is detrimental to the ability of the Navy Secretary to effectively lead the men and women of the Marine Corps and ensure the service maintains the highest level of combat effectiveness.”

The military is on the cusp of disastrous change, with a mandate to open all combat roles to women by January.  Mabus has made his intentions clear, saying he won’t allow either the Navy or the Marine Corps to keep any specialties closed to women.

With all of this information at his fingertips, Mabus has refused to ask for any exemptions to stop women from serving in the combat arms of the Marine Corps. He has also stated the study was flawed and he refuses to even consider the fact that women were 0 for 26 at the Marine Infantry Officers’ Course this year.

Is Mabus a functioning Secretary of the Navy or is he just a White House operative parked at a desk in front of Navy and Marine Corps crests?

Mabus might know the truth, but he will never admit it, unless he wants to lose his 5 bedroom, Chevy Chase home, his six figure salary, his Pentagon 401K plan and his key to the executive john.

In the last two months, Mabus has been spouting off one line of nonsense after another. According to Mabus, combat in 2015 is about creative thinking, diversity of thought and technology. To Mabus, ground combat is something akin to visiting your neighborhood, Apple Store, where you can use a paintbrush program to be creative and discuss the new I Pad with several hipsters at the genius bar. For Mabus, these are the tenets of combat effectiveness. This is what wins wars. These are the linchpins of victory. Forget about riflemen closing with and destroying the enemy.

Mabus wouldn’t know about combat effectiveness if it ran over him with a M1 tank.

If Mabus knew anything, he would know that combat leaders should limit their creativity and imagination and leave that to the intell guys. Combat leaders must be linear thinkers who know how to receive a mission and execute it. The Marines haven’t been kicking butt for 200 years by being creative. It’s the United States Marine Corps, Mabus, not Dreamworks Studios.

Mabus’ idea of diversity of thought is just more double speak horse dung and hay. The Marines are not going to take a Zogby poll to measure everyone’s diversity of thought before embarking on a combat operation. Well, what do you think Amber? Should we take that hill? How about you, Laura, would you like to man the machine gun? Hey, Bob? Should we fight this war? Good God.

The Marines at Iwo Jima didn’t win by their fabulous creativity and choreography. They won by combat power, which is maximized by having the toughest, roughest SOB’s in uniform that the Corps can find. It’s not maximized by recruiting from a Cocoa Beach Pilates class. It’s not maximized by four female Marine officers who figure out how to climb over an eight foot wall, something Mabus bragged about in his absurd OP-ED and something four 5th grade girls can manage.

Tell that to the Marines, Mabus. Tell them how creativity and diversity and an I Phone can win wars. And, shout it out loud, all the way to Arlington Cemetery, where 10,000 new graves are being prepared for the dead Marines you and your idiot policies are going to put there.

Tell that to the Marines who fought at Fallujah, Mabus. Tell them how creativity and diversity and some cool Droid apps can win wars.

Tell that to the Marines who fought at Ramadi and Nasiriyah.

Tell that to the Marines who destroyed the Iraqi Army at Khafji.

Tell that to the Marines who battled street by street in Hue and who were under constant siege at Khe Sanh.

Tell that to the Marines at the Frozen Chosin’, Mabus.

Tell that to the Marines at Iwo Jima and Guadalcanal and Tarawa and in Belleau Woods.

Tell them how war is so fundamentally different now that you don’t need the toughest and the boldest. You don’t need Dan Daly, Ira Hayes, Chesty Puller, France Silva, Lou Diamond and Merritt Edson.

Ray Mabus is nothing more than a political hack, a minion, a lackey, a drone, doing the Obama administration’s bidding. Last May, he stated that he wanted the Marines to be comprised of at least 25% percent women! Mabus was given the job for one reason and one reason only, to help destroy the Corps.

He is a shipwreck and a disgrace to the Navy and to the Marine Corps. But, he’s the perfect man for the job for the Obama administration.

Ray Mabus will never be in combat with the Marines he reigns over. He will never have to suffer the deadly consequences of his and others’ impotent decisions. Look the Marines in the eye, Mabus and tell them that the decisions you are making and the policies you support are good for the Marines Corps and the country’s national security. If you were in combat Mabus, who would you want next to you, a man who is six feet tall and 190 pounds or the high school prom queen who stands 5 feet nothing and weighs 90 pounds wringing wet. Who do you want to hit the beach with, Mabus? Who do you want to battle street by street with, Mabus? Who do you want on an ambush with you, Mabus? Who do you want carrying a heavy machine gun, Mabus?

Tell that to the Marines!

And, shout it all the way to Arlington National Cemetery.

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  1. Each person in the military should be assigned to the role that will ensure maximum results in a mission whether that person is a male or a female. I applied years ago to join the Army like my father did. The recruiter wasn’t thrilled to see me. I think that it’it was because I am so petite. I wasn’t looking for combat I wanted to be in the military intelligence or a medic.

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