Rebels without a Cause – The Ungrateful Generation

By Ray Starmann

In the last two weeks, the news has been inundated with stories concerning the Paris attacks, the manhunts in Belgium and France, the subsequent ISIS threats to US and NATO and Russian interests across the globe and the seemingly infinite bad news from the Middle East.

The story of campus protests across this country, which had been in the forefront of media coverage, has taken a back stage to much more important things. Nevertheless, the story is still there and the question of why college students are protesting at all, is mystifying.

It is important to examine this on Thanksgiving, a day of gratitude for the nation.

College students at Mizzou, the University of Missouri, were protesting apparent racism on campus. After taking a closer look, the racism appears to be an invisible boogeyman, like much of the issues young kids are whining about today. Much of the outcry was based on the accusations that someone called someone the “N” word or the fictitious racist comment painted in a waste product. The storm of insanity that resulted from this caused a college president to resign and a warped, Maoist version of Woodstock to take place at one of the nation’s centers of free thought. Students demanded their “safe space,” a term in vogue at colleges across the country today.

To quote, Sir Laurence Olivier in “Marathon Man,” “Is it safe?”

The truth is the so-called racism at Mizzou is a figment of racism. These kids have no idea about real racism, the racism that protesters in the Deep South faced in the 1950’s and 1960’s. No one in Missouri is being denied a seat on a bus, or a place at a lunch counter. No one at Mizzou is being blocked from class by the governor and his pack of guard dogs.

The outrage against imaginary bad things is present everywhere, like at Yale, when students went crazy over an administrator’s Halloween costume email. The email simply told the students that it was just Halloween and that they should get a grip and not be offended by someone’s costume. That set off a firestorm of student temper tantrums, claiming that Yale was not providing them a safe space.

Across the country, there is an epidemic of students being offended by nearly everything imaginable: passages in books, costumes, words, phrases, apparent and unapparent meanings. Everything is potentially racist or sexist and can be a micro-aggression that triggers them. When offended, students demand that they move to a safe space where they can calm down or discuss what caused their delicate little souls so much harm.

These students aren’t protesting anything real like the Vietnam War or Jim Crow laws or pollution. Their grievances are imaginary. These students are rebels without a cause. These Millennial whiners are the Ungrateful Generation.

Now, the nation is seeing the result of parents and teachers coddling America’s children for 25 years; the children who were constantly referred to as “special snowflakes” and received trophies for just showing up and batting .100 all season. America has created a generation of young people who don’t know how to fend for themselves, who need affirmation 24 hours a day and who are so soft that it would be laughable if it wasn’t truly tragic.

Even more frightening, America has created a generation of young people who support the virtual destruction of free speech, if it enables them to feel safe and no longer offended.

These little Stalinists, these little snowflakes need to take a deep breath and realize how lucky they truly are. Regardless of the political bickering and daily problems, America is still the greatest nation on earth. These young students are fortunate that they are able to attend such fine universities as Yale or Mizzou. Prior generations in this country had no student loans. There was no government funding. There was only a job in a factory.
While these whiners complain about nothing and make absurd and Maoist demands of cowardly university officials, people their age are serving in the military and defending all of us. Other kids are working two or three jobs to make ends meet.

The Ungrateful Generation of college wussies needs to learn about real protests, real issues and the people their age that fought and died for us in. Eighteen year old guys at the Battle of the Bulge didn’t have time to be offended by micro-aggressions. They were dealing with real world macro-aggressions, like the Waffen SS.

Someone needs to send the Ungrateful Generation to a major time out, where they can ponder reality.

If they think life is tough at Yale, they ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

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  1. campuses should take all their rights away especially the 1st amendment for one full month then these idiots might wake up and get a IQ. This generation should be called clueless & shameless.

  2. UNGRATEFUL COMMUNISTS IS WHAT THIS GENERATION IS. Taught by the Teachers themselves and sponsored by the government.

  3. …..the youth today are being taught that all of their problems and society’s problems are ” old people’s fault” They will have no issues with denying services or procedures for “old folks”.

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