Putin…Our Once and Future Ally

By Ray Starmann


We are at war, but life goes on in the US as if nothing is different. We are in a world war and yet the President of the United States can’t even acknowledge who and what we’re fighting. We are in a clash of civilizations and the West seeks leadership and a war strategy from the US and finds nothing.

President Obama has signed off from reality like a TV station that broadcasts only static at 2 AM.

We are at war and the US refuses to throw out a lifeline to the one country and leader that could help us destroy our mutual enemy; Russia and Vladimir Putin.

The world has learned in the past few weeks what we always suspected and feared; ISIS was not just a regional menace. ISIS is now a worldwide threat to the civilized world and anyone who believes in freedom.

ISIS has but one goal, to bring everyone on the planet under the horrific power of the caliphate. They would like nothing more than to drag the world back to the Stone Age.

As we all know, Obama refuses to change his strategy to fight ISIS, which means the US is literally out to lunch in a war against the greatest threat to world peace since the Nazis and Imperial Japan looted the planet 70 years ago.

Without US leadership, the world seems to be drifting aimlessly in the doldrums. NATO keeps looking in their rear view mirror for the US to appear, but all they see is a limitless desert highway leading to Syria and Iraq without backup.

In this power gap, one man has entered, who, while certainly having his own ambitions for himself and his country can be of assistance as an ally to destroy the Islamic State.

Let me tell you about our new ally… Vladimir Putin.

Putin hates ISIS and radical Islam because they’re a threat to Russian interests at home and abroad. Yes, his main focus in Syria is currently keeping Assad in power, but his focus is also destroying ISIS. Unlike Obama, he has a FOCUS.

What is Obama’s focus; windmill farms in Holland?

People say Putin’s a bad guy. So what if he wants the Baltics one day or all of the Ukraine? So what if he wants to revive the imperial might of Czarist Russia? Does it really matter right now? The US has to have friends in the world who aren’t always someone you bring home to the White House for a state dinner. Sometime your allies in the world have to be less than desirable.

How about those so-called best friends?

Merkel, our ally, is like a deranged character from Guenther Grass’ The Tin Drum, currently stumbling around in Cloud Cuckoo Land. Hollande is a great guy to have around if you need a wine and cheese selection. Honestly, besides Netanyahu, who the White House has jettisoned like an empty fuel tank over the Solomon Islands, who is there besides Putin that we can work with to fight ISIS?

The Saudis, yeah right. The King of Jordan; possibly if we can get him away from a Zurich shopping expedition with his trophy wife. The choices are limited at best. The Brits and Aussies? It’s a Long Way to Tipperary… The Canadians will always help us out, even if they think we’re losing it. Who else is there who can flex some muscle?

Just as Uncle Joe Stalin was our ally in WWII, Putin must become our new friend. Putin knows how to flex power. He knows how to use military might, even if Russia’s military might is a mere shadow of the old Soviet Union.

Yet, the White House wants nothing to do with Putin.

Let’s face it Obama and Putin aren’t exactly having a Bromance.

Putin is like the kid showing up with a football on Obama’s doorstep who wants to play catch with Barry, who throws like a girl and would rather play Connect Four with his grandma.

Putin is ex-KGB, which is like being ex-IRA. Once, you’re in, you’re never really out. He’s a tough guy, he pumps iron and watches reruns of The A-Team and Longmire dubbed in Russian. Obama does Pilates and Yoga before his Lomi Lomi massage and watches Lifetime with a box of Kleenex. Is there a problem there?

KGB vs Chi Town Community Organizer – Is there a problem there?

Putin knows how to flex power. He’s a realist. So what if he wants Assad in power? Have we not learned that the only thing that keeps the trains running an hour late in the Middle East is a thug in a presidential palace?

Sorry, Neo-Cons, there are no Thomas al-Jefferson’s and John Abdul Adams’ in the Middle East. Have we finally learned that lesson?

If we had any brains we’d get rid of ISIS, let Putin have Syria with Assad, and put loyal thugs in power in every Middle Eastern country to help us counter Iran.

Sure there are arguments against allying with Putin.

There are those who wish to keep the tension high with Russia. There are powers that be that would love for the US to be at a permanent level of DEFCON 2. The military industrial complex wants a new Cold War. Peace never made anyone any money. Tension and strife are money makers. As General Smedley Butler said, “war is a racket.”

Many of Putin’s interests are our interests. We have more in common now than we don’t have in common.

In the final analysis, a comprehensive strategy must be formed with NATO and the Russians to destroy ISIS. Every nation has a sphere of influence they want and need to control. Why do we think the Russians are any different?

Realpolitik must be the order of the day, not Climatepolitik.

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  1. The enemy of my enemy is my friend, our so called commander in chief is always the smartest guy in the room. No way will he allow Putin to become our alley to help destroy his brothers. Impeach the traitor!!!

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