Obama’s Phony War against ISIS

By Ray Starmann


In the last two weeks, ISIS has blown a Russian airliner out of the sky over the Sinai Peninsula, shot up a bar, a restaurant, a theater, detonated two suicide bombs in front of a soccer stadium in Paris and set off two bombs in Beirut. The total death toll nears 400 and the number of wounded is over 700.

Meanwhile, Obama continues to bob and weave in the foreign ring with all the aplomb of Gerry Cooney. In the last week, he authorized the release of five terrorist thugs from Gitmo and is currently leading the charge to relocate 100,000 Syrians to the US; a move that even Chris Matthews thinks is insane. In Obama’s mind, ISIS is contained, our strategy is on track and we’re winning the war against ISIS.

President Obama is waging a Phony War against ISIS, much like the Phony War that the dithering, ineffectual leaders of France and Britain waged against Nazi Germany from September of 1939 to May of 1940.

After declaring war on Nazi Germany, the Allies decided that the best way to secure victory was to do nothing. Sound familiar? France and Britain did nothing offensive against the Germans, in the hopes that Hitler, the Wehrmacht, the Luftwaffe and the SS would vaporize into thin air. As the French stared at the Germans across the Maginot Line, the Germans planned and trained and rehearsed for the Spring of 1940, when the Third Reich blitzkrieged across Denmark, Norway, France, Holland and Belgium.

It was only when Chamberlain was overthrown, when France was occupied, that Churchill took the stage, and rallied the British to fight alone, while waiting for the New World to come to their rescue.

We did.

This time the free world has been abandoned on Barack Obama’s watch.

Obama is hiding behind his own mental Maginot Line. His Phony War includes: a phony air war, a phony special ops campaign, a phony concern for the well-being of the free world, when, in fact, all he really cares about is his legacy.

Obama’s phony air war has consisted of roughly 5 to 15 sorties a day against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. Usually, at least half or more of those missions are waved off because of controller issues on the ground. Compare this to the Gulf War in 1991, where we flew, on average, 1500 sorties a day. During Iraqi Freedom we flew roughly 300 – 500 sorties a day. Granted, ISIS doesn’t present the target rich environment that Saddam Hussein’s Iraq did, but targeting experts have told me that we could easily be conducting 200 – 300 sorties a day against ISIS.

But, we aren’t, not because we don’t have the capabilities, but because lawyers in the Obama administration are picking the targets and running the operation, not the military.

Fox News and other media outlets reported today that Russia has conducted 2300 sorties against ISIS in Syria in the last 48 hours, as a massive reprisal against the bombing by ISIS of a Russian airliner.

France is on the move too. President Hollande has sent an aircraft carrier to the region, upping France’s strike capability in the region to 36 aircraft. Have no doubt, France is out for blood. But, their capabilities are limited, whereas ours are virtually limitless.

Obama’s Phony War has created a power vacuum in the region. France needs help and since Obama won’t do anything more than sharing intelligence, the Russians have stepped in to lead, because Barack Obama won’t.

But, in his mind, everything is going well. Yesterday, he told the press in Antalya, Turkey, that, “We have a comprehensive strategy, using all the elements of our power: military, intelligence, economic, development and the strength of our communities.”

He also mentioned that he’s calm and even-tempered, the perfect guy to deal with ISIS. He compared himself to Aaron Rodgers, the quarterback for the Green Bay Packers. Actually, Obama looks more like Jimmy Clausen, the Bears back up QB, over his head and out of his league.

Yesterday, President Obama also stated that he didn’t want to send American troops in harm’s way. Obama’s reticence is illogical. He seems willing to accept American civilian casualties because he won’t destroy ISIS, but he refuses to send US troops into Syria and Iraq in limited numbers to kill ISIS, because they could get hurt.

Instead Obama can deploy James Taylor again to France to help with the healing. Why not bring Simon and Garfunkel as well. It’s definitely a time for soft voices and hand holding. Turn on the lava lamp and light some incense. ISIS will respect that.

Meanwhile, they’re planning their next atrocity.

Today, in Paris, John Kerry, spokesman for the Phony War, stated that the Charlie Hebdo attacks were rational, compared to the irrational attacks last Friday. How can the murder of innocent human beings be rational? What is Kerry talking about? No one knows, including the staff of the American Embassy in Paris.

While Obama wages his Phony War, he can concentrate on the real threat in his mind, climate change. To President Obama and Secretary Kerry, the enemy is global warming; the terrorists are high temperatures and rising ocean levels.

Forget about ISIS, the greatest threat to world peace is the weather.

Newsflash: Obama and Kerry; ISIS doesn’t care about the weather. While Obama is taking tide readings, ISIS thugs are strapping on suicide bombs. While Obama worries about glaciers in the Andes, ISIS machine guns people at cafes. While Obama watches the Weather Channel, ISIS plans its next attack, which will probably be in the US.

While Obama wages the Phony War, France is fighting our battles for us. The Russians are fighting our battles for us. Everyone is fighting our battles for us.

President Obama does not want to lead. Instead he hides behind the façade of the Phony War.

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3 comments on “Obama’s Phony War against ISIS
  1. Obama is an embarrassment to himself.

    He’s just to stupid to see it.

    The embarrassment he is to America shines like a white beacon light on a moonless black night.

  2. No. You are missing it. Read Walid Phares. Obama is siding with Iran. He doesn’t really care about Russia or Syria except where Iran cares. Look at the obvious. Why was he so pushy about the JCPOA? He doesn’t want ISIS destroyed because Iran doesn’t want it destroyed. He wants Iran to have the bomb to bring balance of power to the Middle East with Israel whom he despises or because he is Shiite or whatever. But Iran is the key. It stares us in the face.

  3. It would very embarrassing for Osambo to bomb the Israeli troops assisting ISIS/IS in Syria. And it would cause Oambo’s backers Janett Yellen, Stanley Fischer, Loyd Blankfein and Jamie Dimon problems with funneling American tax dollars to the terrorist state called IsRaEl.
    Every death contributed to Al Quada, El Nusria, ISIS/IS and the Moslem Brotherhood is wholly funded by a jew.
    Therefore. All of the invasions of White Western countries is the direct result of jewish hatred of White Culture.

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