Will the Germans fight for their country?

By Ray Starmann


In Germany the migrant crisis continues unabated. The German population is growing more intolerant of the Muslim migrants as each day passes with no apparent understanding by Angela Merkel of the anarchy she has unleashed on her country.

In Freiberg, on Sunday evening demonstrators tried to stop asylum seekers reaching a refugee center. The protesters tried to stop a bus with refugees from driving further down the road by staging a sit-in.

Some people threw apples at the bus, while others set off fireworks, the Süddeutsche Zeitung reported.

Around 50 counter-demonstrators also turned up to the anti-refugee sit-in and there were tense verbal stand-offs between the two groups, although police confirmed the situation did not escalate into violence.

This crisis has been a right-wing recruiter’s dream. The far right is not just attracting your typical biker skin head type. Ordinary, middle class Germans, who see their country tottering on the brink, are flocking to right-wing organizations. Like the early 1930’s, the far right is becoming a refuge for Germans watching their country descend into anarchy. Unlike the 1930’s, this is a situation that could be stopped, if Angela Merkel would listen to anyone.

Meanwhile in Mecklenberg-Western Pomerania, two local politicans have been threatened by people with presumed far right motives, reports the Hamburg Abendblatt.

Patrick Dahlemann of the Social Democratic Party (SPD) had his car attacked with butyric acid.

On his Facebook page Dahlemann said that he would not be intimidated in his efforts to foster a “a real culture of hospitality” in the poor north-eastern state.

Culture of hospitality? More like a culture of anarchy, Mr. Dahlemann. Dahlemann is another left-wing politician living in a fantasy world. There’s a lot of that going on these days, on both sides of the Atlantic.

Another SPD Party official, Susann Wippermann also suffered threats when an unknown person wrote “traitor to the nation” on her car’s windshield.

This follows a warning last week from the Federal Office of Investigation (BKA) which warned that politicians who support refugees face increased danger of attack from far right groups.

Mark my words, it will get worse…

There are several outcomes to this crisis.

In Scenario Number One, Merkel regains her wits and realizes she has tilted her country toward cultural, economic and demographic extinction. She builds a fence around Germany’s southern borders, deports all single male migrants and asks for legislation halting all Muslim immigration into Germany for the next 100 years. But, this outcome is highly doubtful. Merkel is a blockhead and except for trying to pawn off the refugees on other EU countries and Turkey, she really hasn’t admitted any mistakes. Does she realize that she has committed the biggest mistake of any German chancellor, since the man with the bad haircut and moustache invaded the Soviet Union? The answer is an unqualified no.

In Scenario Number Two Merkel is impeached by the Bundestag for exceeding her authority. Her replacement could initiate the policies I mentioned in Scenario Number One. We have to presume that Merkel will not come to her senses and the German parliament will not seek impeachment. Therefore, the next scenarios will play out:

In Scenario Number Three, more and more Muslims pour into Germany, causing an incredible rise in right-wing extremism and an increase in violence perpetrated against migrants. Across the country, spontaneous and planned protests burgeon everywhere, with Germans marching and voicing their opposition to the migrants, Merkel and the government, in numbers not seen since the last days of East Germany in 1989. The protests and the violence cause the German government to finally take steps to solve the crisis.

In Scenario Number Four, the majority of Germans are angry, but remain silent as 1.5 million Muslim migrants pour into their country and their government does nothing. For the next several years, the numbers grow as Muslims bring family members into the country. Within a few years, over ten percent of the population of the country is Muslim and growing. As Muslim numbers rise, they begin to take over small villages and towns, throwing out the German constitution and establishing Sharia law. As in Sweden, rape becomes the number one violent crime in the country. Germany becomes a haven for terrorist groups and Islamic radicals. The Germans finally snap and armed confrontations on a nationwide scale break out across the country. A Civil War now rages in Germany between ethnic Germans and Muslims, with the Germans finally defeating the Muslims. All Muslims who remain in the country are deported once hostilities cease. The Germans have their country back, but much of it is in ruins from the war. The Germans are once again at Zero Hour as in 1945.

In Scenario Number Five, the Civil War rages in Germany, but the Germans are no match for the Muslims. After forty years of being feminized by liberals in Speedos and Berkenstocks, the Germans are destroyed in every major battle against Muslim forces. This isn’t the Germany of the Waffen SS and the Desert Fox, but the Germany of Green Party, Eurotrash wimps. The victorious Muslims give the Germans a choice; submit to Sharia Law or leave what was once your country. Almost 90% of Germans immigrate to the UK and Australia and to the United States, which takes in nearly 50 million Germans. It is the largest wave of immigration since the 1800’s.

If the German government doesn’t take immediate measures to oust Merkel, stem the flow of migrants and seal their border, Scenarios Four or Five may actually occur.

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