The world is playing rope a dope with Obama

By Ray Starmann

Obama is on the ropes, trying to bob and weave, but failing miserably as a litany of enemies and even friends, pummel him with jabs, uppercuts and sucker punches.

Our enemies and friends know that Obama is a weak sister. His idea of power projection is sending John Kerry to a Paris meeting on his $5,000 Tour de France road bike. Kerry arrives, not looking like the US Secretary of State, but like a Manhattan office messenger. Our friends are bewildered and our enemies enjoy every moment of the fiasco called US foreign policy.

Our enemies know that the US military is a paper tiger, thrashing around in the dark, the victim of numerous budget cuts, readiness and social issues. Have no doubt the bad guys are tracking the progress of the Great Social Experiment in the US Military. As we praise our sensitivity and progressiveness in allowing men who wear dresses in the Marines and 37 year old mommies through Ranger School, the bad guys; Putin, Jong-un, the Mullahs, the Tangos are salivating like Wiley Coyote at an all you can eat Roadrunner buffet.

The list of right crosses, left jabs and rabbit punches grows on a daily basis.

There is no stopping Putin while Obama is in office. Putin knows that while Obama rules the roost, he has a free reign to harass the US military, sabotage US diplomacy, and interdict US military operations, while deceiving, defying and blustering his way across the globe. Who is going to stop him? Valerie Jarrett? What happens when the unspeakable happens and either Pants Suit Lady or Comrade Sanders is elected President?

Today the news is reporting that Russian bombers buzzed the USS Ronald Reagan in the Sea of Japan. The Pentagon song and dance team was quick to say that this is just a normal day at sea; nothing to see here folks, move on. What they don’t tell us is this…when was the last time we buzzed a Russian carrier?

And, how about the reports earlier this week that the Russian Navy could be preparing to sever the Trans-Atlantic cable network, basically shutting down the US Navy’s secure communications network and forcing us to communicate in the open, allowing easy monitoring by the Russians.

The Russians aren’t stupid. They’re not going to sever the cables during peacetime. What they are doing is rezvedka, reconnaissance, combined with some more muscle flexing. The globe is one big weight room for Vladimir Putin. While Putin hits the weight pile, Obama does Pilates.

Then there’s the Middle East.

The Russians have moved into Syria and are there to stay. Most likely, Assad will remain in power and the Syrian rebels will be defeated. Whether Putin is serious about destroying ISIS is unknown. What is known by the whole world is that the US is not serious about fighting ISIS.

Adding insult to injury, the Iraqis have requested help from the Russians and have authorized Russian airstrikes against ISIS in Iraq. This comes only days after the Iraq government guaranteed the US that they wouldn’t seek Russian help. The word is out on the street. You can’t count on Obama.

Now, the Pentagon is scrambling with some kind of coherent strategy to fight ISIS. Why are we always reacting? Why are we never pro-active?

The Iranians are feeling more empowered than ever. They’ve just made a deal of a lifetime with the US. They will be given billions that they will no doubt use to fund terrorist groups like Hezbollah. They will most certainly continue to develop nuclear weapons under the nose of the IAEA, the UN and the State Department. Obama is no Monty Hall.

While Iran is on the ground in Syria and has recently set-up a joint command center with the Syrians and Russians, the Israelis know that they are alone. They have been betrayed by their one friend they could always count on, the United States. The Israelis know that as long as Obama is president, they will receive no help or good cheer. They are being pushed against the wall. Expect a move by them soon.

Back to Asia…

China is the bi-polar boss of Asia. They smile and trade with us, while at the same time threatening us over their imaginary control of the navigation lanes through the South China Sea. Have they ever heard of international waters? When was the last time we threatened China, much less anyone?

How about this China? We’re going to sail wherever we want and there’s nothing you can do about it.

Forty-eight hours ago, the USS Lassen, a guided missile destroyer, sailed in international waters, 12 miles from the series of Chinese man-made islands in the South China Sea. The Chinese, as expected, are protesting this very limited bit of military muscle by the Obama administration.

Last year, the Chinese sent five warships off the coast of the Aleutians to test US resolve. Why didn’t we send five ships through the Spratlys? Why didn’t we send a carrier task force? Why only one ship? Are we the US Navy or the Costa Rican Coast Guard? Instead of power projection, Obama sends the Pacific Princess through the South China Sea with Captain Stubing in charge. I’m surprised Isaac wasn’t whipping up some drinks for the Chinese. Pina Colada President Xi?

Love, exciting and new…come aboard the USS Lassen, Obama’s expecting you…….

Obama is on the ropes, but he’s no Rocky, believe me. He doesn’t believe America is the land of opportunity. He doesn’t drink raw eggs at 4AM. He doesn’t wear an old Champion gray running suit with Chuck Taylors. He doesn’t punch meat carcasses. He doesn’t have Burgess Meredith as his manager. And, he can’t go toe to toe with Apollo Creed or Putin or Jung-un or ISIS or anyone. Frankly, he’s not much of a fighter.

But, the bad guys are. And, that’s why we’re in a world of hurt.

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