The Ranger School story and its potential impact on national security

By Ray Starmann

“The terrible ifs accumulate.”

  • Winston Churchill, The World Crisis

During the last two weeks, US Defense Watch has been reporting on Representative Steve Russell’s request on September 15th for the Ranger School records of the first two female graduates, Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver. It is not known whether or not Congressman Russell has asked for the records for Major Lisa Jaster, who graduated today from Ranger School.

Russell’s request to Secretary of the Army, John McHugh, was at first delayed on September 24th, when McHugh asked for an extension, noting “privacy concerns” and time to compile the records together.

Nearly two weeks passed without Russell being informed when the records would be delivered to his office. When the Army finally contacted Russell they told him that many of the students’ records had been shredded.

What if the Army is covering up the fact that Griest and Haver and now Jaster never came within a mile of passing and were let through Ranger School, even though they should have been sent home?

What if the Army down from Secretary John McHugh to former Chairman of the JCS General Martin Dempsey to Major-General Austin S. Miller ensured that the women would graduate to satisfy the political agenda emanating from the Obama White House?

What if the Army knows that by graduating these three women and several more in the last remaining months of 2015, that it may influence Secretary of Defense Ash Carter’s final decision in 2016; whether or not to legally authorize women to serve in the combat arms and special operations units?

And, what if Secretary of Defense Ash Carter makes his decision based on a series of lies perpetrated by the US Army?

What if our national security is weakened and jeopardized by obfuscation and deception?

What if the Army sold out our national security because its senior leaders didn’t want to make any waves and were thinking more about their careers and retirement benefits than our country?

What if all of this isn’t just a theory?

What if they have endangered us all?

As Sir Winston Churchill wrote, in reference to another time, where armies were led by generals of moral cowardice, corruption and irresponsibility, “The terrible ifs accumulate.”

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4 comments on “The Ranger School story and its potential impact on national security
  1. Seriously? This implies there is some doubt that the Army Brass decided it was time a woman was a “Ranger” and scores and tradition be damn3d… more schlock from the folks Obama put in place.

    Obama hates the US and he hates the military, and this thumbs both in the eye.

  2. “privacy concerns” and time to compile the records together.

    The US Military has always been a very hard nut for the Nations actual enemies to crack..

    The “Cold War” over 40 years cost the lives of 10s of thousands of American Servicemen.. Not just the 600 Airmen shot down the the Former Soviet Union.

    Breaking the US Military for those who despise this country both here and abroad has been an ongoing project for 25 some years..

    They are making progress..

    The Military fails the Nation Falls.. It is no place for social experimentation.

    Those Female Officers who lost track of the actual meaning of “Service” have forced good female enlisted into ever increasingly hazardous and ill suited positions..

    The Female Officers sit in their Offices with dreams of Stars and Combat Command running in their heads..

    All the while Female enlisted who are increasing injured and disabled due to physical limitations organic to their gender are forced into poorly fitting jobs and assignments to which they are ill suited..

    Females from the factory have an Open Pelvis design.. To facilitate childbirth. When over stressed overloaded their pelvis develops microfractures in the pubic region. They are extreemly painful and often lifelong debilitating..
    Demand to see the records of first enlistment completion.. The rates of disability and medical retirement.. Therein will be found a great deal of evidence demonstrating the failure of this social experiment.. Further.. Can you imagine any circumstance where a subordinate may knowingly and with malice of forethought make false allegations against a superior? Without a corresponding punishment if caught.. The “EO” Equal Opportunity Complaint System currently in place in the Army allows just that.. Females and Minorities may make repeated false allegations against their superiors and they may not be punished for doing so.. Social experimentation has destroyed the careers of many quality and high level performing male NCOs and Officers.. This also needs to be investigated..

    In Liberty



  3. Barack Obama oversaw the purge of all persons in DOD that would not support his agenda. His agenda was to turn the military into the equivilant of a San Francisco Bath House no matter how it would harm national security. The American voters are co- conspirators to Obamas agenda, as is Congress.

  4. It says a lot about a nation that has its women fighting its wars – we should be ashamed of ourselves for krist sake!!
    So much for civilized man.

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