The Marines’ last stand

By Ray Starmann

Leave it to the Marines to make the US military’s last stand. It’s the last stand for the Marines, the last stand for reality, the last stand for the military to function as a cohesive war fighting organization and not a Santa Monica yoga class.

In America 180, everything is upside down. What kind of madcap lunatic asylum do we live in when the military has to ask for exemptions to keep women out of combat?

This is what happens when policy is being dictated by radicals whose idea of combat is elbowing for a place in line at the Bloomingdale’s’ lunch counter. This is what happens when the military’s leaders are gutless moral cowards.

Thank God for the Marines. They want an exemption to prevent women from serving in the combat arms branches of the Marine Corps. The Navy surrendered its masculinity in 1991 after the Tailhook Affair and has evolved into the Love Boat with guns and fast planes. The Air Force disappeared over the horizon sometime in the late 90’s. The Army is advertising their 37 year old Mommy Ranger and sucking down enough Kool Aid to clean out half the grocery stores and lemonade stands in America.

The Pentagon has become a modern day Jonestown.

But, the Marines won’t go for it. They won’t go for the ridiculous notion that women can cut it in the combat arms and special operations. Unlike the other services, the Marines seem to remember that war is hell and unforgiving and more violent than any civilian can even imagine. The Marines know that in war there is no substitute for victory.

The Marines know, but no one else does. They are alone on an island, like one of the many they captured with so much blood and sacrifice and heartbreak in World War II.

A recent U.S. Marine Corps report has concluded that women cannot physically perform well in combat operations.

About 400 male and 100 female Marines participated in the Ground Combat Element Integrated Task Force study, which was conducted from October 2014 to July 2015 at Camp Lejeune, NC, and Twentynine Palms, CA.

In September, the Marines released an executive summary that said women in the study sustained significantly higher injury rates than men, were less accurate with infantry weapons and had more difficulty moving “wounded” troops off the battlefield.

Sadly, the Marines had to waste 36 million in taxpayer dollars to tell us something we already knew. But, the liberals and feminist nuts refuse to accept the truth.

Liberals don’t like facts. They greatly dislike reality. They view the world they want it to be, rather than the way it really is.

“From a research perspective, there’s almost nothing you could reliably draw from this research,” Megan MacKenzie, a senior lecturer at the University of Sydney in Australia stated. MacKenzie is a radical feminist who has published several books about women in combat. She is an outspoken critic of the “Band of Brothers” myth and believes women can perform well in the combat arms. Of course she’s actually never been in combat herself, but why bring up such trivial details.

Apparently, the US military is taking recommendations from Australian feminist professors.

If the study didn’t persuade anyone, how about the fact that women went 0 for 26 at the Marine Infantry Officer Course this year. That fact, like the study and all others is shoved under a very large rug and masked by the Pentagon smoke machine.

Facts mean nothing to these people. Testosterone means nothing, upper body strength means nothing, larger aerobic capacity means nothing, less injury prone means nothing. Logic and the truth mean nothing to these modern day Trotskyites.

Secretary of the Navy, Ray Mabus is the virtual Kool Aid King of the Pentagon E-Ring. Mabus is currently against any exemptions for the Marines. In a recent Washington Post op-ed piece, Mabus criticized his own organization by claiming the Marines were using “1992 language even as the way we fight and the landscape of our battles has significantly evolved from a quarter-century ago.”

What the hell is Mabus talking about? He makes it sound like war has evolved into some kind of milktoast Olympic sporting event like curling. According to this circus clown, there’s no need for soldiers or Marines to close with and destroy an armed enemy. Has Mabus heard about Fallujah or Tal Afar or a thousand and one other battlefields in Iraq and Afghanistan? Has he seen what is currently going on in the Middle East? This man’s state of delusion is off the charts.

Mabus states that “Every decision I make is purposefully in support of maximizing its combat effectiveness.” Really Mr. Secretary; if you cared about combat effectiveness and not about your Pentagon perks this wouldn’t even be a topic for discussion.

He continues with this obfuscation. “Second, this question is about standards, not gender.” Hmm, well, it seems that your own service has given you two studies in the last year that clearly show that women cannot hack it in the combat arms. What else do you need Mabus? Should God part the Potomac to prove his point?

Mabus further states. “As the nature of warfare becomes more dynamic and unpredictable, we need to be the strongest force possible, and diversity is one of our greatest strengths. When we talk about diversity, we mean the full spectrum of demographics, but even more important, we mean diversity of thinking. The Marine Corps Times has highlighted an anecdote about the creative, expeditious way a four-woman team in the Marine Corps’ study confronted an 8-foot obstacle. An American Forces Network report featured female Marines who demonstrated that gender does not define their service. These are the thinkers we need in every part of our force; they will maximize our combat effectiveness.”

In the Pentagon of 2015 we don’t need firepower and riflemen; we can win wars with diversity. And, how about those four women who figured out how to climb over an eight foot wall? What a combat multiplier that must be. They’re some real thinkers.

Newsflash Mabus: four Girl Scouts can figure out how to scale an eight foot wall.

Remember this one, America. Diversity = Combat Effectiveness.

The Marines are making a last stand for all of us. They are dealing with reality unlike Mabus, Ash Carter, Obama, MacKenzie and the buffoons running Ranger School. It’s time for the Pentagon to stop lying to itself and the nation it serves.

Semper Fi!

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10 comments to “The Marines’ last stand”
  1. At the beginning of the Korean War, just five years after WW II, our military was woefully unfit to face the North Koreans, a force whose focus was killing the ‘enemy’ and nothing else. We were shocked into rebuilding our services. At least we did not have to contend with an administration that hated our country, that wanted to integrate a gay and lesbian agenda into the services, and pushed climate change as our greatest threat. I fear for how many soldiers will die while our politicians (spineless rebublicans included) realize that they have endangered our nation. Damn them all.

  2. I absolutely agree that women in platoons and on the battlefront would be a disaster. You cannot change genetics and human nature. Men by nature will protect their women. This will get them all killed. How stupid to even think a woman could handle the rigors of combat and frankly, as a woman who the hell would want too. Women have a roll but not in the front line.

    However, if women and the feminized military and society decide this is appropriate then they should have all women platoons or regiments fighting within their own unit separate from the mens. Let’s see how they would like them apples. War is hell and no one wants to see it up close and personal but women are not cut out for it emotionally, physically or mentally.

    Yes, if we have to fight we will and I do believe women should be trained in tactics and weaponry for a time that we may need to protect our children and nation from the threats from within and without that are bent upon destroying America and our way of life. Get a bunch of menopausal women together and watch out…..LOL

    Seriously, commonsense needs to be used and I don’t believe knowing the nature of men and women that it is smart to have the together on the front lines. There are plenty of roles from women in the military but the front lines is not one of them in my opinion.

  3. The facts do not matter to libtards. The select few women with superior strength and ability may be able to function in combat. The combat I saw in Viet Nam females just would not work out. Read the accounts in books like “Matterhorn” and “Fields of Fire” for an understanding of what that warfare was like. I weighed 140# and carried a prc 25, and 80+ pounds of gear and wished for more batteries, ammo, food and water most of the time. Yes I have known a few women that tough but even they are limited by their genes and physic.
    I hope the powers that be get it figured out before the (fill in the blank) next war.

  4. What’s really sad, is that the “leaders” in the other mil services, didn’t also raise the BS flag to women in the military or the other libetard garbage spewing from the WH and the Pentagon. Instead…they sold out to the libetards. And this sell out will ultimately get people killed. May the Almighty have mercy on their souls, and may he give the other services, the backbone to fight back against the current libetard generated chaos taking place in in our military. I contacted several HASC and SASC members, and my elected officials, fwding this article, and telling them to get in the fight against the libetard madness. You need to also join the fight. BTW…this Mabus, a political hack, is a libetard fool from the get-go, and needs to move on.

  5. Professional sports are not integrated. You don’t see diverity in MLB, NFL, MLS, NHL PGA etc. Olympic games are not integrated. Women play against women. LPGA shoots from closer T than PGA does. Virtually every Olympic record that is a duel sex sport has a woman’s time – which is slower than a man’s time. Women body builders don’t get as big, can’t lift as much. Why does the world of professional athletes get it – when all that is at stake is a game? But hey – when lives are at stske, or the future of the country is at stake, clearly all that data goes out the window. Why don’t we see a mass clamoring to integrate the NFL? It’s obvious – isn’t it?

  6. I recognize this Marine- He was Desert Storm’s “Marlboro Man!’ His ruggedly handsome newspaper picture (this very same photo) was hanging on our fridge for years!! I will read the article later when I can fully digest it. 🙂

    • Pardon me- After further thought, The Marlboro Man is from Operation Enduring Freedom / Battle of Fallujah – Bagdad.

      Women in combat? I think the facts and stats of this article speak for themselves. It just simply doesn’t work…`

  7. I am a very recently retired Marine with multiple combat tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. I’ve been reading many stories on this and been dealing with it throughout my career especially the last 8 years. I am all for equality… That’s just it though it has to be equality, the same standards across the board. We give women loser physical fitness standards, loser body composition standards, and a wide birth due to a track record. Physical fitness, if they want to perform the same job as me then they should be required to have the same fitness standards as male Marines. They compete with me for rank advancement yet are given higher fitness scores due to their lower standards. That is not equality.They are allowed I higher body fat percentage than males, yes I understand they are built differently, but none the less that body fat carriers over to physical condition and enduring longer periods of time in combat scenarios where 1% higher body fat is seen by others in the energy levels and felt by them. They are built different, I don’t disagree that women have a higher pain tolerance when it comes to many things and many male Marines can be outright pansies, but I’ve seen many a male Marine break a finger, a toe, an arm, be gashed wide open, or shot multiple times take a knee, fix it as best they can and carry on with the task at hand or even just totally ignore out until said task is done. I have never seen that from a female Marine. I have watch them role their ankle bad and be on the ground in tears and not be able to do their job four weeks. I have rarely seen a male Marine shed a tear over an injury that they knew they would live through. Hell I went through 6 years and three combat tours with a crushed testicle. I didn’t have it removed until I was in a none deployable billet, why? So no one else would have to pick up the slack I left by being down from surgery, three surgeries actually, over a year and a half to fix all the damage that was done from the initial injury. Male leaders always tread on eggshell around female Marines because if they are offended by something you say they can raise hell and end your career, they also always make sure to have a witness around when they have to correct or straight out a female Marine because if not and you happen to piss them off it doesn’t matter what was really said or done, whatever they say is what is believed and again can cost you your career. Some of the articles said the study went of averages not individual performance and that that was wrong. The hell I say!!! Marines are not the army and Marines are not an army of one. We fight as a team, work as a team, and solve obstacles that arise as a team. So yes you go of off averages. Just like the doctor that graduates lowest in his class having the lowest average is still a doctor, do you want him taking care of you, your wife/husband, or even worst YOUR KIDS. I sure as heck don’t and that’s of averages, so who would you rather have protecting your family and your life and limited liberty we are managing to barely hold on to? The lowest averages or the highest? I know I’d rather have the “A” team in if I’m going for the win. Besides everything I have listed, look how worked up the county got when Jessica Lynch was captured. We spent hundreds of millions to find and rescue her, why? Because America can’t stand to see or know one of her daughters is in a situation like that. Can you imagine the outcry if they were to behead a female troop. Yes we get upset and run the song and dance when a male troop is captured or tortured but you may see one story on the news about it or read a few articles written by sympathizers to my brothers, like myself, that truly feel for their families because we seen families close to us go through that hell. But at the end of the day it is a cost of war, that this country will have and had shown to have, a aversion to it’s daughters suffering. I can’t lump them all together though, I have seen two women that held themselves to the same standards as the male Marines are held to and I honestly believe that one of them could have made it through S.O.I. BUT they had no interest to try to. They both told me almost the exact same reason why also. That” In the field, with a bunch of male Marines is no place for any women, not just for her safety but for everyone’s. No matter how we try to get around it we are animals and a large majority of us have urges that 8,9,10 months in the field will end up getting acted on or will cause an error in judgment. We are human, it happens and tends to happen more so with men when women are put in the equation” The military, especially the Marines and a good portion of the army, is no place for favouritism, politics, political correctness, or lax standards, all of which have slowly crept in to every branch to the point of where it is now a full blown infection. I shouldn’t have had to worry about offending a junior Marine because they screwed up or disobeyed orders. Not just female either a good amount of males. Our military has to handle its members with kids gloves because of all the liberal B.S.that had found its way in. I even had grown men’s parents calling me trying to gripe, or whine, or reason with me because they thought their son wasn’t being treated fair because he got extra work given to him for being late the 10th time that month. All the paper work, the slaps on the hands, the trying to reason with, or restriction… what is essentially grounding a grown man is destroying the Marine Corps. We were and still somewhat are feared around the world because of being a rough breed that never backs down, will keep pushing, and will give ourselves in a heartbeat for the Marine next to us without a second thought. You get that through shared hardships, most of us share an extremely sick, twisted and almost mean sense of humour. Look at people throughout our history that many admire, even the liberals or look at our enemies, their quotes about the Marines always mirror or sick minds but ferocious fighting abilities. It is high time the Marine Corps took a stand against Washington watering it down to a becoming a job with a uniform so it can try to hold to some of its pride and heritage.

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