Questions linger about female Ranger School records

By Ray Starmann

It has been exactly one month since Representative Steve Russell, (R., OK) formally requested the Ranger School records for the first two female graduates, Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver, from Secretary of the Army, John McHugh.

As of today, a myriad of questions still remain unanswered concerning the records of Captain Kristen Griest and First Lieutenant Shaye Haver. Questions also remain unanswered about the Ranger School records for tomorrow’s graduate, Major Lisa Jaster.

Here are the questions US Defense Watch and other media outlets would like answers to:

  1. Why did it take the Secretary of the Army nine days to respond to Congressman Russell’s request? No doubt there is military bureaucracy, but a request from the Secretary of the Army would move through channels like lightning. Officials at Fort Benning should have been able to tell McHugh within 24 hours that the records would be on the way immediately, or that some of them had been destroyed.
  2. McHugh asked Russell for more time to accumulate the documents on Sept. 24th, noting “privacy concerns” and that the Army would need more time to review and compile the documents. Why would anything need to be reviewed and compiled? Either the documents existed or they were gone. As for privacy concerns, the only personal information could refer to the students’ medical records. Congressman Russell was more concerned about peer evaluations, patrol records, land navigation tests, physical fitness tests; things that make up the bread and butter of Ranger School.
  3. Why did weeks pass by without the Army giving Russell a proposed delivery date for the records?
  4. Why were some of the records shredded?
  5. Is it normal procedure at Ranger School to shred students’ records?
  6. How long does Ranger School keep the records?
  7. Are Major Lisa Jaster’s records going to be shredded as well?
  8. What has the Army delivered to Russell?

These questions seem quite easy to answer. The Army lives by regulations. They should know exactly what the Ranger School policy is concerning the storing of students’ records. Yet, the Army refuses to comment on this subject, noting the ongoing investigation by Congressman Russell’s office.

Until the Army can provide straight answers to Congressman Russell, the media and the American public, US Defense Watch will keep reporting on this issue.

A Daily Caller public opinion poll today shows that 98% of those polled believe the Army is covering up this issue to satisfy a political agenda.


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