Is Germany heading toward massive civil strife?

By Morris Schaffer

Events in Germany seem to be spiraling out of control. The influx of migrants from the Middle East to the shores of Europe and the German government’s subsequent open invitation to accept between one and one and a half million refugees in the next year has left the nation’s citizens in shock.

During the opening days of the crisis as the world watched in horror as hundreds of thousands of migrants fled ISIS in Syria and Iraq, the Germans opened their hearts and bank accounts to help those in need.

But, events in the country have steadily begun to take a dark turn. Migrants are overwhelming German cities and towns and villages. While some are thankful for the treatment they’ve received from the German government and populace, others have become resentful and often dangerous, bringing their Middle East tendencies of solving problems with violence to the peaceful, cobblestoned streets of Central Europe.

Many Germans have already had enough.

A video shows irate Germans attempting to block buses full of arriving migrants as police force them off the streets.

“You go against your own people, you go in front, we pay your money, our children – their future is ruined – you are ruining this country. Do you have any honor left in your bodies?” says one of the men as the police get more aggressive.

Some of the citizens begin chanting, “Our own people should come first,” before openly goading the police by yelling, “Go ahead and shoot – shoot your own people.”

The officers again order the citizens to get off the street before threatening to get their batons out.

On Sunday, German Vice Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel said that the country expects to take in more than a million migrants this year.

Support for anti-immigrant party Alternative for Germany (AfD) has climbed in recent weeks, while support for the governing conservative bloc that has overseen the wave of migrants coming into Germany is at its lowest since the last election two years ago.

In light of numerous reports concerning rapes being committed by migrants in and around refugee camps, positivity towards the influx of migrants has waned.

A recent poll conducted by broadcaster ARD found that 51 per cent of Germans were ‘scared’ about the arrival of 200,000 migrants a month, compared to 47 per cent saying they had no concerns. These figures have changed significantly from just a few weeks ago, when only 38 per cent said they had concerns.

As Reuters reports:

Reports of violent clashes at refugee shelters and overburdened local communities are deepening public skepticism towards the influx and have weighed on support for Merkel’s conservatives, and opened rifts in their ranks.

The Emnid poll taken for Bild am Sonntag put support for the governing conservative bloc on 38 percent, down two percentage points since last week and at the lowest level since the last federal election two years ago.

While Merkel has reiterated her mantra “We can do this”, she is at loggerheads over her handling of the crisis with Horst Seehofer, head of the Christian Social Union (CSU) which governs Bavaria.

On Friday, Bavaria threatened to take the German federal government to court if it fails to take immediate steps to limit the flow of asylum seekers into the country.

US Defense Watch predicts that the following scenarios may begin to develop in Germany. The German government is already going against the wishes of its citizens who are growing more and more irate with the amount of migrants being dumped on the nation. In turn, most of the migrants are young males who are reported to often be wandering the streets of Germany in groups of ten or more.

Clashes may begin in Germany between migrants and Germans. The amount of migrants already in the country is sizable and in small villages, the number of migrants supersedes the native population.

Germany may indeed see civil strife on its streets and in its towns and cities much like the street battles of the 1920’s between German communists and right-wing extremists and royalists.

Chancellor Merkel has already crossed the Rubicon. She and her ruling coalition are continuing to commit the most fatal error leaders can make. They simply refuse to listen to the voices of the people.

If nothing is done, chaos will reign.

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