European Migrant Crisis Update

By Morris Schaffer

The European migrant crisis continues to unravel on the continent. Several developments this weekend are important to note.

Swiss voters on Sunday sent a message to the European Union that it will not tolerate the mass migration of Muslims from the Middle East.

The Swiss People’s Party (SVP) took the largest percentage of parliamentary seats over the weekend, making it the dominant political party in Switzerland. It won 29.4 percent of the vote.

The central issue during the election was the massive influx or largely illegal immigrants.

“The vote was clear,” said SVP leader Toni Brunner. “The people are worried about mass migration to Europe.”

The SVP election victory comes nearly two years after the Swiss people voted in favor of a referendum limiting the number of foreigners living in the country.

Meanwhile, in the German city of Dresden, a rally Monday is expected to draw 10,000 people. The event marks the first anniversary of the founding of PEGIDA, or Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamization of the Occident.

PEGIDA has organized demonstrations against the Islamization of the Western world and backs restrictions on immigration from Muslim countries.

The German government has responded to the protest by stepping up security.

German intelligence characterizes PEGIDA and its leaders as “hard far-right extremists” and is conducting surveillance of the group.

The Federal Minister of the Interior, Karl Ernst Thomas de Maizière, told the media in Germany anti-immigration groups are inciting violence.

The German government created the migrant crisis within its own country. Now, as the German people stand up to their government, the government threatens them and calls anyone against importing 1.5 million Muslims an “extremist.” As US Defense Watch stated last week, the German government has ignored the demands of the population. Now, the government claims the anti-immigration groups are the causes of violence in the country. The German government needs a serious reality check.

The bureaucrat’s remarks follow the stabbing of a pro-immigration mayoral candidate in the German city of Cologne on Saturday.

Cologne, Germany:  A German mayoral candidate active in helping refugees was seriously wounded on Saturday in what police described as a stabbing with a “racist political” motive, heaping further pressure on Chancellor Angela Merkel over the migrant crisis.

The German leader expressed her “shock” over the attack in the western city of Cologne which left mayoral hopeful Henriette Reker with serious neck wounds.

The stabbing comes as Merkel prepares to travel to Istanbul on Sunday for talks on the crisis with Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, who has heaped scorn on Europe’s efforts to deal with the problem so far.

She has pushed for a fairer distribution of people across the European Union, but the crisis has sorely tested ties between member states and put unprecedented strain on the right to free movement that is at the core of the 28-nation bloc’s values.

Slovenia said Saturday it was drafting in the army to help police cope with an expected influx of thousands of migrants arriving after Hungary shut its border with Croatia overnight in its latest hardline move to stop the flow of people.

More than 630,000 people fleeing war and misery in the Middle East and Africa have landed on Europe’s shores this year, with many making risky sea crossings from Turkey to Greece.

Most of the refugees and migrants are trying to get to Germany, Europe’s economic powerhouse, which has said it expects up to one million asylum seekers this year after saying it would open its doors to Syrian refugees.

Merkel’s policy has led to growing tensions in Germany, triggering a backlash from her conservative allies and spawning a growing number of increasingly vocal far-right protests.

Reker, an independent close to Merkel’s ruling Christian Democrats (CDU) responsible for refugee issues in Cologne, was stabbed in the neck at a party information stand in the city.

The UK and France are also experiencing their very own brand of migrant chaos.

Hundreds of migrants stormed the English Channel’s Eurotunnel on Monday, forcing train traffic to shut down in both directions.

Some of the migrants used diversions to distract police while others attempted to slip through the tunnel.

“[The migrants] are coming in waves to occupy the police,” a Eurotunnel spokesperson told BBC. “Then another wave comes, then another, until there is no more police.”

“One group is then able to get through.”

Passengers experienced delays up to two hours as the migrants flooded the tunnel to cross into the U.K., and even when railway operations started up again, passengers were told to expect future delays.

At least 16 migrants have been killed in or near the tunnel since June.

The migrants are willing to risk their lives to enter the U.K. due to the nation’s generous welfare program, but the U.K. isn’t alone: other Western European countries are also giving free housing, food and jobs to migrants, the majority of whom aren’t even from Syria.

A Swedish commercial airliner is even flying migrants directly from the Middle East into Sweden.

As reported by US Defense Watch, the chaos will continue in Europe and particularly in Germany, which seems determined to make the migrant situation feasible, when it clearly isn’t. It is unclear now just how dangerous the situation in Germany may become, but the German population is growing increasingly frustrated and angry with its government and the person responsible for the debacle, Angela Merkel.

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