The Confederados

By Ron Soodalter 
Originally published by America’s Civil War magazine.

Defiant Rebels bolted for Brazil rather than accept defeat.

It’s a Fourth of July celebration with all the earmarks of a scene from Gone With the Wind, or at least a county fair in the most “unreconstructed” corners of Mississippi or Alabama. The men, dressed in Confederate gray shell jackets, yellow-trimmed frock coats, kepis and plumed black slouch hats cross the dance floor to select their partners, elegant young women in colorful hoop-skirted ball gowns. Arm in arm, they step in time as the fiddle and banjo strike up the strains of “Dixie’s Land,” “The Yellow Rose of Texas,” “The Virginia Reel” and “Cumberland Gap”:

“Me and my gal and my gal’s pap, We walked all the way from Cumberland Gap.”



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