“Go, General Dempsey…In the Name of God, Go!”

By Ray Starmann

In May of 1940, as German forces rampaged and blitz-krieged their way across Northern France, the British Expeditionary Force piled into any craft that could float back to England. Across the English Channel, the British Parliament had had enough. For too long they had born witness to Neville Chamberlain’s conciliatory policies and his government’s ineptness at waging war. A new leader was needed; enter Mr. Churchill.

Leo Amery, a MP, a friend of Chamberlain, but an admirer of Churchill, rose up, gazed at Chamberlain and invoked the memory of Cromwell, “You have sat too long for any good you have been doing. Depart I say and let us have done with you. In the name of God, go!”

Across the pond, flash forward 75 years…

General Martin Dempsey became the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff on October 1, 2011. Since taking the helm, Dempsey and his sidekick, US Army Chief of Staff, General Ray Odierno have over-seen, implemented and turned a cheek to the most devastating series of social and structural changes the US Army has experienced since its founding in 1775.

General Dempsey has gained a reputation as the Chairman of the JCS who won’t speak his mind on key issues. He appears more interested in his career and future post-military employment and benefits than the well-being of the troops and the institution as a whole.

Dempsey is representative of many senior military leaders of this time. He knows better, but he has the spine of a sea urchin. He refuses to take a stand as mandate after mandate emanates from the walls of the White House and lands on his desk. He refuses to halt the vast social engineering project that has turned the US military into a playground for militant feminists and left wing nuts in Washington. People who have never and will never hear a shot fired in anger are ordering that the US military and it seems, particularly the US Army, become a repository of every crack pot feminist fantasy.

And, Dempsey rolls over; again and again and again.

He has become, as Senator John McCain eloquently stated, “The echo chamber of the Obama Administration.” Ray Odierno is partly to blame for many of the problems in the Army now, but Odierno is only the Army Chief of Staff, not the Chairman of the JCS. It is Dempsey’s watch and on it, the US Army has collided with an iceberg, is taking water, and is sinking rapidly as he calmly sips a spot of Pentagon coffee on the bridge.

Under Dempsey, the phrase, “Yes sir, no sir, three bags full” has taken on a whole new meaning. Dempsey has become synonymous in the English language with lackey, minion, yes man and gutless.

Under the reign of Martin Dempsey, we have seen the repeal with full vigor of the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell Act. In today’s Army, a soldier can walk into his company commander, Captain Bob’s office and see a picture of his wife, Captain John. Nothing like having Charles Nelson Reilly as your company commander to increase esprit de corps.

You can’t have a gay army without a trans-gender army as well. Under Dempsey’s guise, the US military will soon lift its ban on trans-genders serving in uniform. In the future, your commander or battle buddy may be a man posing as a man, a man posing as a woman, a woman posing as a woman, or a woman posing as a man.

Talk about the fog of war.

Then there’s the push for females in the combat arms and special operations by left wing nuts and feminists. To them, serving in the infantry or cavalry or Special Forces is a career opportunity that must be open to everyone from the cute Starbucks girl to the poor bespectacled kid with cerebral palsy you see on a March of Dimes ad. As the reports filter in from the Marines, putting women at 0 for 26 at the Marine Infantry Officer’s Course, Dempsey is calling for a review of “standards.” This means that the course will be made so easy, that Aunt Bee could smoke it. And, then there’s Ranger School, the Crown Jewels of the crazy women in combat argument. Dempsey and his kemosabe, Odierno, bowing to pressure as usual with the adroitness of Fouquet in the Court of Louis XIV, are determined to have a female graduate from Ranger School if they have to bring the standards down to 1st Grade PE level.

Last week, General Odierno announced (with Dempsey’s blessing) that the Army’s long-held tattoo policy would be revised. Of course Dempsey and Odierno are playing to an audience of tattooed millennial recruits and future recruits. They hail from a generation that has been told how very special they are. In fact, they’re so special that they’re now free in the Army to make themselves look like a gangbanger mural on an East LA viaduct.

We wouldn’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings…

And, who can forget the public relations catastrophe that was unleashed last week, as the world found out that US Army ROTC cadets have been ordered to parade around college campuses in red high heels. Apparently, this was done to instruct the male cadets about sexual abuse. Of course demeaning men was part of the curriculum that day. Putin and ISIS and North Korea must be laughing themselves to death. Of course not one word was uttered by Dempsey or Odierno. They know the game. They play it even though they know its suicide for the US military. I guess they don’t care. Or, they care more about themselves.

There’s a lot of that going around now.

While hiding under his desk as the great leap forward moves ahead in the US military, Dempsey has remained mute as the Obama Administration fights ISIS with the power and might of a pack of Girl Scouts on an all-night cookie selling binge. Dempsey knows our pin prick air strikes are nothing more than showboating for a gullible media. Shock and Awe has become Slap, Scream and Run. What ISIS needs is an Operation Linebacker III, B-52ing them to the gates of hell where they belong. Instead they’re getting Operation Richard Simmons.

Dempsey also supports the complete pullout of US forces from Afghanistan. Haven’t we seen what happened when we skedaddled out of Iraq? Dempsey was also pushing for arming the Ukraine, a move that pulled Putin away from the arms of his 20 year old mistress and placed his hand on the Fail Safe button. Brilliant General Dempsey, let’s start a war with the Russians. That’ll go well.

Just last week, the American public was informed that despite a 278 million dollar program to make everyone in the US Army feel good and sing Kumbaya, morale is down to the post-Vietnam basement level in the mid-70’s. The troops have spoken. They think the Army sucks now, plain and simple. They have little faith in their leaders, hate the political correctness being shoved down their throats and most have no plans to make it a career. Who’s to blame? Who’s in charge? Hint – GENERAL DEMPSEY.

The air waves were also lit up last week when Dempsey stuck his rubber spine in his mouth and called Ramadi a city of no strategic importance in Iraq. This was at the very same time, ISIS maniacs were assaulting it and the Iraqi Army was fighting valiantly to defend it. Dempsey also managed to piss off the mother of a Navy SEAL who was killed in Ramadi.

Good work, slick.

Dempsey is the new breed of US Army general officer. He doesn’t seem to stand up for anything. But, he does stand for a form of denial and political correctness which is eviscerating the US military. Forget about “This We’ll Defend”, the new motto of the US Army is “Death by a Thousand Cuts.”

During the Gulf War, the author served in the 3rd Armored Division with Generals Dempsey and Odierno. During the Gulf War, the 3rd Armored Division clobbered the Iraqi Regular Army and Republican Guard units it fought against, destroying hundreds of Iraqi tanks and vehicles, and capturing more than 2,400 Iraqi prisoners. Third Armored Division annihilated the Tawakalna Division of the Republican Guards in two days of fierce fighting during the 100 Hour War.

In World War II, the 3rd Armored Division was in combat for 231 days. It suffered 2,540 killed, 7,331 wounded, 95 missing, and 139 captured in action. The great Spearhead Division fought and destroyed numerous units of the infamous Waffen SS and the vaunted German Army in battles from Normandy to the Bulge to the Siegfried Line and into Germany itself.

Has General Dempsey ever sat down and thought how the current US Army would have fared in the Gulf War, and, more importantly in World War II in its present state of emasculation, castration and horrid morale? Does he understand that his cowardice in the face of political pressure and correctness is damaging the foundation of the US Army and threatening the national security of the nation that he serves?

Once again, to paraphrase MP Leo Amery, “Go, General Dempsey, In the Name of God, Go!

Just resign…

The next sound you hear will be millions of vets clapping…




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